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FRENCH POLYNESIA ~ Opunohu Bay - Moorea ~

... French Polynesian beauty nr 4💙... a wonderful tropical beach🌴🌞 view surrounded by breathtaking peaks and nature... this bay on the north side of the island is actually the place where Captain James Cook dropped anchor in 1777... he described it as one of the best natural harbors in the South Pacific... big cruise ships moor here, but because there is no port, passengers are taken ashore in tenders... Moorea is the number one getaway place for the locals... they like to go there for a weekend retreat to rest and relax... Thanks a lot Glenn!ヽ(•‿•)ノ  

Photo: Teva Sylvain

Moorea shaped in a triangle form is 17 km located from Tahiti hence its name "sister island". It has two main bays: the Opunohu Bay and the Cook Bay. The island is surrounded by a coral reef and has 12 passes and counts 8 mountains whose highest point is the Mount Tohiea with its 1207m. But the most famous is the Mount Rotui (899 meters) which separates the two bays.

Opunohu, at 3 kilometers long and 80 meters deep, is one of two large bays in the island. The English explorer James Cook arrived in the bay of Opunohu, which means belly of the stonefish in Tahitian. Since this bay was already named, he gave his name to the second bay: Cook's Bay.


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