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GERMANY ~ Manching ~

... Today an interesting postcard coming from a lot closer to home🙂... on the location of present-day Manching lies a famous and one of the prime examples of an Iron Age settlement... based on Caesar’s description, it's called an oppidum... it ranks at the top of the list of late Celtic cities in Central Europe... archaeological research carried out here since the 1950s... with a lovely "Iron Man" stamp from the "Superheroes" series and great special postmark👍... Thanks Dustin!【ツ】  

From backside postcard:

Top picture:
Since the 4th century BC, a celtic tribe settled here. In the 2nd century BC, their capital was surrounded by a 7,5 km long wall (oppidium) to protect it from enemy attacks.  It was widened and raised in a second construction period.

Bottom picture:
Around 15v Chr the Roman occupation destroyed  the wall and the city. Finds in the ground (a wide variety of fabrics, swords, spearheads, jewellery, doctor's cutlery, etc.) testify to a sophisticated Celtic culture.



Superheroes - Iron Man 
(Issued 07-09-2023)

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