Friday, December 2, 2022

UK ~ Cats in Glasses ~

... 15 funny and cute cats faces😹... all with their own sense of style, personality, and adorable pair of glasses... by artist Hanna Melin an illustrator and a designer, born in Sweden but now lives and works in East London... Melin’s work appears in newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, socks, wrapping paper, in product video advertisements and in the commercial sector... Thanks a lot Ron! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Design © East End Prints, London


Universal Mail UK postage stamps
(Issued 01-10-2015)

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

USA ~ Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls - UNESCO ~

... View of one of the features for which Yosemite National Park is most famous...Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in the Park and the tallest in North America dropping a total of 739 m from the top of the upper fall to the base of the lower fall... this beautiful waterfall reaches its peak in May... a favorite walk is to the bridge at the base of the Lower Fall, where visitors experience clouds of mist, wind and the thunderous roar of water... in Spring during times of the full moon, an ethereal lunar rainbow appears at the base of Lower Yosemite Fall... it is a major attraction in the park... Thanks a lot Karolyn!【ツ】

Yosemite National Park includes the Yosemite Valley and many of the surrounding mountains stretching across the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California and covers an area more than 3,000 km2. Researchers believe that a glacier formed the Yosemite Valley.

It was established in 1890 and that makes it one of the oldest nature preserves in the United States.

The Park is known for its granite cliffs, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and streams. Almost 95% of the park is classified as wilderness and is home to a large variety of plants and animals.

In 1984, The Yosemite National Park was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo: John Wagner


Sports - Arnold Palmer 
(Issued 04-03-2020)

Western Wear
(Issued 23-07-2021)

Military Working Dog
(Issued 01-08-2019)

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

GERMANY ~ St. Mary's Cathedral - Hildesheim - UNESCO

... Lovely view of an outstanding example of religious architecture... a unique medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in the city centre and one of the oldest in the country... with view of what is believed to be the oldest living rose🌹 on the planet that grows on the apse of the Cathedral... also known as the Thousand-Year Rose... according to the legend, the rosebush symbolizes the prosperity of the city... as long as it flourishes, Hildesheim will not decline... in 1945 allied bombers destroyed the cathedral, yet the bush survived... its roots remained intact beneath the debris, and soon the bush was growing strong again.... with Postcrossing stamp and cute special postmark nr 3👍... Thanks a lot Dustin!(✿◠‿◠)

Hildesheim is a city in Lower Saxony on the Innerste River in the foothills of the Harz Mountains and is one of the oldest cities in Northern Germany.

The cathedral church was built between 1010 and 1020 in the Romanesque style. It follows a symmetrical plan with two apses, that is characteristic of Ottonian Romanesque architecture in Old Saxony. After renovations and extensions in the 11th, 12th and 14th centuries, the cathedral was completely destroyed during an air raid in 1945 and rebuilt from 1950 to 1960. A thorough renovation of the cathedral began in 2010, including technical and conservation measures. The cathedral was reopened on 15 August 2014. 

The Hildesheim Cathedral, together with the St. Michaeliskirche, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.


 (Issued 06-10-2022)

Friday, November 25, 2022

GERMANY ~ Hildesheim Cathedral Museum - UNESCO ~

... Nice artefact of a12thC Hildesheim dragon aquamanile... one of the highlights of the new exhibition at the Hildesheim Cathedral Museum... "Islam in Europe" 1000-1250" can be seen from September  2022 - February 2023 about Islamic art in medieval Europe... with outstanding and rarely seen works on loan from international lenders, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore a history that has direct bearing on contemporary concerns... with lovely special postmark to commemorate 900 years of the Worms Concordat (an agreement reached by the Pope and Emperor to put an end to the struggle over investiture)👍... Thanks Dustin!【ツ】

A bronze aguamanile in the form of a dragon with silver-inlaid eyes and extensive traces of gilding; the mouth with a waterspout; engraved overall (20.1 cm.) high.

An aquamanile is a particular type of ewer in the form of an animal or human figure which was used to pour water over the hands, usually into an accompanying bowl. Islamic examples seem to pre-date those found in Europe.

In 1985, the Hildesheim Cathedral and its treasures, together with the nearby St. Michael's Church, were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

© Dommuseum Hildesheim
Foto: Ansgar Hoffmann


World of Letters
(Issued 02-12-2021)

The 1000th Anniversary of the Wormser Dom 
(Issued 07-06-2018)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

CAYMAN ISLANDS ~ Map - Grand Cayman ~

... Lovely illustrated map card showing highlights of the island... a British Territory in the western Caribbean... Grand Cayman, the largest of the three is home to the most hotels, restaurants and things to do... it is a green paradise, white relaxing beaches fringed with palm trees and beautiful crystal-clear water... surrounded by protective reefs an deep plungings walls, the deep blue sea offers some of the best Caribbean diving, snorkeling, fishing and watersports...  Thanks a lot Allison!(✿◠‿◠) 

The Cayman Islands is made of three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and they’re located south of Cuba and Florida, between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. 

Grand Cayman is the largest and westernmost of the three Cayman Islands and the location of the territory's capital, George Town.


Definitives - Botanical Garden 
(Issued 18-10-2020)

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

GERMANY ~ Wakanda ~

... Nice "Visit Wakanda" vintage travel ad style postcard designed and sold by PluralSingular... Wakanda is a fictional country appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics... maybe I can also consider this as a new country for my collection😃😉... with another lovely matching stamp from the "Superheroes" series... the Marvel action film "Black Panther", an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name... produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures... and nice special postmark... Thanks a lot Dustin! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wakanda, officially known as the Kingdom of Wakanda, is a small isolationist landlocked country located in Africa, surrounded by mountain ranges and a thick jungle.

It is one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth, known for its rich deposits of the element vibranium. 

As the king of the African nation T’Challa, commonly known by his appointed title of Black Panther protects his people as the latest in a legacy line of Black Panther warriors.


Black Panther 
(Issued 06-10-2022)

Monday, November 21, 2022

GREECE ~ Acropolis - Lindos ~

... Nice views of Acropolis... the most important and impressive archaeological site on the island of Rhodes at the ancient city of Lindos.... above the modern town rises the Acropolis of Lindos... a steep footpath (250 steps😅) climbs the 116m high rock to reach the beautifully preserved Acropolis... from the Acropolis you have magical views of the surrounding harbours and coastline... framed by mighty fortress walls... Lindos is a town full of ancient history and legends, a lot of which is still evident today...  Big Thanks once more Andrene! (✿ ♥‿♥)

The temple dedicated to the goddess Athena is estimated to have been constructed during the 9th century BC. By 700 BC, Lindos was already an important commercial center in the region and a mighty naval power, as well.

Lindos is a town on the eastern coast of Rhodes and is an archaeological site and fishing village in the Dodecanese. They are a group of 15 larger plus 150 smaller Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Turkey's Anatolia, of which 26 are inhabited.

Traveling in Greece - Rhodes 
(Issued 04-04-2022)

Friday, November 18, 2022

LUXEMBOURG ~ War Memorial - Golden Lady ~

... View of a beautiful and iconic landmark... "Gëlle Fra" is the nickname given to the Monument of Remembrance, a war memorial situated in the heart of Luxembourg City... an obelisk with a gilded statue of Nike, the goddes of Victory... at the foot of the obeslik a bronze sculpture group representing a man mourning a fallen soldier... the memorial was initially meant to commemorate the fallen Luxembourgish soldiers who volunteered in the French army during World War I... however, due to subsequent events it also turned into a memorial against Nazi rule and nowadays commemorates war victims in general... it is one of the main tourist attractions of Luxembourg... Thanks a lot Dustin! (✿ ♥‿♥)

The Gëlle Fra, or the Golden Lady, was created by sculptor Claus Cito and overlooks the capital from Place de la Constitution, where she was set up in 1923.

When Luxembourg was occupied by Nazi forces in World War II, the Germans dismantled the memorial on 21 October 1940. Several portions of the memorial were rescued, and after the war, the monument was partially restored. The Gëlle Fra herself however remained unaccounted for until January 1980 when she was found hidden beneath the main stand of the national football stadium.

Later additions were made to honor Luxembourger forces who had served in World War II and the Korean War. The monument was not fully reconstructed and restored to its original design until 1984 and then finally unveiled to the public in the presence of Grand Duke Jean on 23 June 1985, Luxembourg's national holiday.


EUROPA Stamps - Stories and Myths 
(Issued 21-05-2022)

Summer Olympic Games - Tokyo
(Issued 11-05-2021)

Thursday, November 17, 2022

LUXEMBOURG ~ Notre-Dame Cathedral - UNESCO ~

... First of two nice Luxembourg's views... the only cathedral  and one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Luxembourg... which is a must visit for anyone interested in architecture and history... this monument you can't miss if you are anywhere near the old city of Luxembourg, as its' tall towers can be seen from all over the city... the architectural design is beautiful, inside as well as outside... a very quiet place of worship... and with a nice selection of stamps used...Thanks Dustin!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 
The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin was originally a Jesuit church, the foundation stone of which was laid in 1613. It is a remarkable instance of late Gothic style, revealing various components and ornaments inspired by Renaissance style. At the end of the 18thC it adopted the picture of the Lady Comforter of the Afflicted, who had the power to work miracles, and who is the patron saint of the city and the country.

50 years later it was consecrated Saint Mary's church and in 1870 Pope Pius IX dedicated the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. Between 1935 and 1938 it was enlarged.

Luxembourg City, its old quarters, and fortifications were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.


2X Fauna of Luxembourg 
(Issued 17-05-2022)

The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Wilhelm Voight, 1849-1822 
(Issued 18-03-2022)

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

GERMANY ~ Muskau Park - Bad Muskau - UNESCO ~

... Lovely view of a mid 19thC landscape park... a pearl of garden art of that period... the largest and one of the most famous English-style parks in Europe... the centre of the park is the two castles - the New and the Old - together with flower gardens, little ponds, waterfalls, small beautiful bridges, stables, orangeries, sanatoriums and a “kurhouse” with healthy mud-baths and even a private railroad and man-made canal... blending seamlessly with the surrounding farmed landscape, the park pioneered new approaches to landscape design and influenced the development of landscape architecture in Europe and America... a unique place for nature lovers... Thanks Kathrein!ヽ(ヅ)ノ
A landscaped park of 559.9 ha astride the Neisse River at the border between Poland and Germany.The park covers 3.5 square kilometers of land in Poland and 2.1 km2 in Germany.

The founder of the park was Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871), the author of the influential Hints on Landscape Gardening. He was the owner of Bad Muskau since 1811. After prolonged studies in England, in 1815 he founded the Park. 

The Muskau Park has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004.(as a joint effort between Poland and Germany)


3X Flowers - Phlox
(Issued 13-04-2019)

The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven
(Issued 02-01-2020)

2020 The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827 2. January

Monday, November 14, 2022

USA ~ Blue Ridge Parkway - Asheville ~

... Pretty view of "The Blue Ridge Parkway" known as "America’s most scenic and favorite Drive"... it was the first national rural parkway to be conceived, designed, and constructed for a leisure-type driving experience... which offers breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, valleys and countryside... the Parkway is most popular in the fall when the leaves begin to turn shades of bright red, orange, and yellow... as the Blue Ridge Parkway runs entirely through mountain terrain, there are countless outdoor activities located along the route... it's the second most visited unit of the National Park Services and welcomes more than one million visitors annually... Thanks a lot Nancy!【ツ】

"With a palette of color, mother nature paints a masterpiece along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville."   Photo by Jim Hargan

Winding through 469 miles of the storied Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway extends from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. It runs through 29 counties in North Carolina and Virginia.

The Parkway was "born" in the NC High Country at Cumberland Knob in 1935 and it was completed here at Grandfather Mountain in 1987 with the opening of the iconic Linn Cove Viaduct.

Asheville is a city in North Carolina, located at the confluence of the French Broad and Swannanoa rivers, it is the largest city in Western North Carolina.


Flowers - African Daisy 
(Issued 14-03-2022)

Saturday, November 12, 2022

GERMANY ~ Classical Weimar - UNESCO ~

...Nice views of a city packed with culture and history... Weimar is one of Germany’s most precious gems... it represented the world of ideas during the enlightened era... three of the countries most famous writers, Schiller, Goethe and Herder lived and worked here... composer Liszt and Wagner turned it into a centre of music... and it is the also birthplace of the Bauhaus university which was the leading force behind most of the arts & design changes of the 20thC... walking through Classical Weimar, you can’t help feeling like you are in some place special... Thanks Sabine!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The first references to Weimar date back to 899. During the Middle Ages, Weimar expanded around a wooden castle and two small churches. In the 15thC, a town hall and the current main church appeared. The castle and the walls were completed in the 16thC, making Weimar a ‘real’, fully-fledged town.

In the period from 1919 to 1933, Weimar became the political capital of Germany. This was due to the street riots in Berlin after the German Revolution in 1918. Years later, the opponents of the government in particular renamed Germany the "Weimar Republic". In 1920, the federal state of Thuringia was founded. Weimar became the capital of this state.

The Classical Weimar was added to the list of UNESCO sites in Germany in 1998. It has 12 UNESCO listed sites part of Classical Weimar and then yet more UNESCO sites associated with the Bauhaus movement.


Definitive - Flowers
(Issued 08- 06- 2017)

The 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Sepp Herberger
(Issued 01-03-2022)

Friday, November 11, 2022

GREECE ~ Mandraki Harbor - Rhodes ~

... Lovely sunset view of the Old Port... Mandraki Harbor is the main harbor of Rhodes and has been a port since ancient times... the Knights of Rhodes moored their fleet here... today, the harbor with its modern marina facilities is home to cruisers, ferry boats and yachts... many different boat tours and cruises depart here... there are also terraces where you can watch the hustle and bustle of people and admire the wonderful yachts... there are also a variety of attractions to see, including the post office, The New Market Hall, Windmills of Mandraki and the Lighthouse of St. Nicholas Fortress... Thanks a lot Andrene! (✿◠‿◠)

The city of Rhodes is located at the northern tip of the island where the ancient city used to be placed.

The harbor has a 400m long jetty. Fort St. Nicholas stands at the end of the jetty and protected Rhodes from initial assaults. Two bronze column deer named ‘"Elefos’" and "Elafina" mark the entrance to the Harbor. The columns and statues stand where once stood the feet of the colossus of Rhodes.

The Colossus of Rhodes was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World because of its incredible size. It was a statue of Helios, the Greek god of the Sun,  33m tall and a base of 15m, the tallest statue of its time in the ancient Greek city of Rhodes.


Traveling in Greece - Rhodes
(Issued 04-04-2022)

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

RUSSIA ~ Samara Bend National Park - Samara ~

... A beautiful natural landscape... when the Volga rounded the Zhiguli mountains, an amazing territory was formed... the main natural attraction of the Samara region... the park is culturally important because of its centrality to a range of peoples back to ancient times... and to its scientific value resulting from the biodiversity of its closely placed variety of habitats... the entire region is located on the Russian Plain, at the meeting place of three native zones: forest, steppe, and forest-steppe... part of the Middle Volga Complex Biosphere... Thanks a lot Oleg!【ツ】

National Park Samara Bend in the Samara Region was founded in 1984 with an area of 134 thousand ha. It covers most of the peninsula formed by the 180-degree bend of the Volga River in the Samara Oblast. The north shore of the bend is on the Kuybyshev Reservoir, the south side is on the Saratov Reservoir, and it has a border with Zhiguli Nature Reserve. 
The Samara Region is located in southwestern part of the East European Plain on the Volga River. It borders on the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Orenburg, Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions. It also has a state border with Kazakhstan. 


The 150th Anniversary of the ITU
(Issued 07-05-2015)

Peter Belyusov, 1897-1970 
(Issued 15-06-2022)

Monday, November 7, 2022

GERMANY ~ Eilenriede Forest - Hanover ~

... Lovely illustrated postcard... Autumn in Eilenriede forest... Europe's largest city forest,  Eilenriede, is also known as Hanover's green lung and a popular landmark... a great place in the city centre loved by the locals who picnic, play and cycle through these wonderful woods... it's easy to imagine you're not in the middle of a city of half a million people... with another lovely stamp from the "Superheroes" series...  the Marvel action film "Black Panther" and nice special postmark... Thanks a lot Dustin! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Eilenriede is a 640-hectare municipal forest making it almost twice the size of New York’s Central Park.

Under the label "Illustre Welt" the artist Swantje Osburg designs and produces posters, postcards and stationery in a new way.


Black Panther 
(Issued 06-10-2022)

Saturday, November 5, 2022

SCOTLAND ~ Rosslyn Chapel - Roslin - Midlothian ~

... Wonderful views of a beautiful Chapel steeped in history and stunning classical Gothic architecture... a "treasure in stone"... the Chapel's setting and the mysterious symbolism of its ornate stonework have attracted and intrigued writers, artists and visitors for generations... it has been the subject of speculative theories concerning a connection with the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail... fans of the Da Vinci Code will recognise parts of the Chapel... it's the place where a lot of the movie was filmed... the Da Vinci Code has had also a profound impact on visitor numbers at the Chapel which grew to over 176,000 at their peak, allowing the Trust to complete its major conservation project... Thanks a lot Andrene! (✿◠‿◠) Hope you enjoyed your stay with family!❤️ 

Rosslyn Chapel took over 40 years to build and was incomplete when Sir William St Clair, the founder, died in 1484.  His son, Sir Oliver, roofed the choir with its stone vault but did not complete his father’s original design. 

During the Reformation, the Chapel fell into disrepair and, in 1650, Cromwell’s troops attacked Rosslyn Castle and stabled their horses inside the Chapel.

Following a period of Victorian repair and restoration, the Chapel was rededicated in 1862 and weekly services began again. 

A report in 1954 highlighted the poor condition of the stonework and the thinking of the time was to cover the historic stonework with a cementitious slurry.

 In 1995, a further report confirmed that damage was occurring and that humidity in the Chapel was very high. This led to a major conservation project being undertaken by Rosslyn Chapel Trust to conserve the building for future generations to appreciate.


Definitive Queen Elizabeth II
(Issued 04-04-2022)

Friday, November 4, 2022


... Lovely views of the capital exceptional illustration of a medieval Central European town which evolved over a period of five centuries... it has a well-preserved old town with a large number of historic buildings... it features incredible examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture... the Vilnius Old Town is one of the few European cities that have maintained the radial street pattern that was typical of the Middle Ages... situated right on the boundary between Catholicism and Russian Orthodoxy... Thanks a lot Kristina!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Lithuania  is a country in the Baltic region of Europe and lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania shares land borders with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. It has a maritime border with Sweden on the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is one of the countries that make up the "Baltic States." However, contrary to what the name suggests, the states have no political unity. 

Vilnius is the largest city in that country and was built at the confluence of the Vilnia and Neris rivers surrounded by forests. Vilnius is the major economic centre of Lithuania and one of the largest financial centres of the Baltic states. 

Its Old Town was inscribed onto the World Heritage List in 1994.



The 100th Anniversary of the University of Vytautas the Great  
(Issued 11-02-2022)

Thursday, November 3, 2022

GERMANY ~ Postcrossing stamps ~

... Postcard nr3 published by papersisters... this card gives an overview of the previous official stamp issues... there are other 'unofficial' Postcrossing stamps that are not mentioned on this postcard... in 2011, the very first Postcrossing-themed stamp was released by PostNL... and since then more than a dozen other countries have followed, with some having released multiple different Postcrossing-themed stamps over multiple years... the majority of these stamps have been launched in partnership and celebration with the Postcrossing community... don't think Belguim will issue a postcrossing stamp anytime soon😔... Big Thanks once more Dustin!【ツ】


(Issued 06-10-2022)

LUXEMBOURG ~ Celebrating the Postcrossing stamp ~

... Postcard nr2 is also published by papersisters to celebrate the release of the Luxembourg postcrossing stamp... the stamp is designed by S. Fisch... cards, pens and hands all together... a message of connection... Thanks a lot Dustin for all the effort you made to get me this lovely stamp on a postcard and send one to me!(✿◠‿◠) 


(Issued 13-02022)

GERMANY ~ Celebrating the Postcrossing stamp ~

... First of 3 lovely postcrossing related postcards.... this one shows the German stamp designed by Greta Gröttrup... I like the stamp design, it looks funny and friendly with nice colors and points out what we all like at Postcrossing... the love and happiness we feel by sending and receiving cards✉️❤️...  Thanks a lot Dustin!ヽ(ヅ)ノ 


(Issued 06-10-2022)

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

INDONESIA ~ Komodo Lizard - Rinca - Komodo Islands - UNESCO ~

... Great view of an enormous pre-historic looking animal... commonly known as "Komodo Dragons", due to its appearance and aggressive behavior... although not all the islands within the Komodo National Park are home to this creature, the mighty Komodo dragon reigns as king on Rinca Island... it is the best place to see the Komodo Lizards in their natural habitat... it is slightly different than Komodo because its much easier to find and view them here... they prefer more savannah than jungle and trees... to see them at this spot you will be guided by rangers who come from the Village of Rinca... they are very knowledgeable about the island and many different animals living in it... Thanks a lot Lukman!【ツ】 (hope I read your address correctly and that my postcard will reach you safely)

The most remarkable inhabitant of Komodo National Park is the Komodo Lizard. These giant lizards, existing no-where else in the world, are of great scientific interest, especially for their evolutionary implications. The Komodo Lizard, is the largest living species of lizard, growing to an average length of 2 to 3m.

From backside postcard:
"The Komodo dragons can commonly be found resting on the shades of huge stones or trees. When hungry they will find a buffalo, take a bite, and waiting for the prey to die from blood poisoning. Then the Lizard feasts on it and the smell of blood attracts other Komodors. Komodo dragoons can also be found preying on deer, monkeys, fish and the occasional human."😬

The Komodo National Park is located within the Lesser Sunda Islands. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones, with a total area of 1,733 km². The national park was founded in 1980, later it was dedicated to protecting other species, including marine species. 

 In 1991 the national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Indonesian Waterbirds 
(Issued 15-07-2014)

Flora of Indonesia 
(Issued 05-11-2019)

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

PORTUGAL ~ Madeira ~

... Lovely views from a tiny picturesque island also known as the “pearl of the Atlantic”... a floating garden in the ocean off the north west coast of Africa... this subtropical paradise offers exotic wildlife, world-renowned gardens, spectacular coastlines and jagged peaks, while the capital Funchal boasts an architectural charm and rich maritime heritage... Thanks a lot Sabine! (✿◠‿◠)

Photo: llidio Gon çalves

The island of Madeira is at the top of a massive shield volcano that rises about 6 km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and forms the largest island of the Madeira Archipelago, about 90 km in length.

The archipelago consists of 1 large and several smaller islands; Madeira, Porto Santo, Deserted and Savage islands. 

Since 1976, the archipelago has been one of the two Autonomous regions of Portugal , the other being the Azores. It is an outermost region of the European Union.


Epic Fishing Campaigns 
(Issued 30-06-2022)

Friday, October 28, 2022


... Nice aerial view of part 2 of this UNESCO site... Hedeby, in present-day northern Germany, played an important role as a key trading center in the viking age that developed into the second-largest Viking city in northern Europe... the settlement was surrounded by semi-circular ramparts, which survived and were linked by further defensive ground walls with the Danevirke... between the 8th and 11th centuries, these ramparts were at the center of trade networks between northern and western Europe and at the same time formed the border between Scandinavia and continental Europe... this exceptionally well-preserved archaeological material serves as an important scientific source for important insights into the Viking Age...  you can visit a reconstructed Viking village and a great museum here... Thanks once more Agi! \_(♥‿♥)_/ 

Hedeby’s rise was due to its favorable location at the westernmost point of the Schlei fjord – a narrow navigable inlet around 40 km inland from the Baltic Sea.

Hedeby was destroyed by Norwegian King Harald Hardrada – the last great Viking – in 1050 using burning ships. It was finally destroyed by fire in 1066 after a raid by Slavic warriors and the site completely abandoned.

Since 2018, the Danevirke Archaeological Border Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the important Viking trading center Hedeby.


Definitive - Flowers
(Issued 08- 06- 2017) 

Heroes of childhood
(Issued 01-09-2022)

Thursday, October 27, 2022

GERMANY ~ Dannevirke - Schleswig - UNESCO ~

... View of  the remains of the Danevirke at the Dannevirke Archaeological Park... a brick section of the 12thC curved walls concealed beneath the earth, grass and oak trees... being exposed to the elements, means that it requires constant restoration with more bricks and metal structures to reinforce the wall and prevent mudslides... for a long time, these walls separated the Viking world north from the imperial realm to its south... it is an archaeological and cultural monument of European significance with elements of a historical cultural landscape which have almost disappeared elsewhere... Thanks a lot Agi!【ツ】 

The Danevirke stretches for 30 km, from the former Viking trade centre of Hedeby near Schleswig (formerly in Denmark) on the Baltic Sea coast in the east to the extensive marshlands in the west of the peninsula.

It is believed that the earliest forms of a linear walled fortification across the neck of the Jutland Peninsula began sometime prior to 500 AD, in the Nordic Iron Age. Afterwards it was gradually expanded and built upon, most actively during the Danish Viking Age, around 800 AD and onwards. 

Since 2018, the Danevirke Archaeological Border Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the important Viking trading center Hedeby.


Definitive - Flowers
(Issued 08- 06- 2017)

Definitive - Flowers
(Issued 18-12-2018)

World of Letters 
(Issued 01-03-2022)

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

AUSTRALIA ~ Lord Howe Island - New South Wales - UNESCO ~

...  Amazing view of one of the most spectacular destinations and magical places on Earth💙... high mountains rising up from the coral encrusted lagoon... the pristine waters surrounding Lord Howe Island are a unique mix of warm tropical and cool temperate ocean currents... home to the world's southernmost coral reef.... with breathtaking and unique scenery, lush subtropical forests, rare flora and fauna, pristine beaches and colourful marine life... a great way to see the reef, fish and turtles is on a glass-bottom boat and snorkeling tour... the island is also famous for its wonderful walks and hikes through subtropical forests and along coastal ridges, each offering spectacular views... only 400 visitors are allowed at a time... Thanks a lot Helen! (✿ ♥‿♥) 

Photograph: Jon Cornforth Images

The  Lord Howe Island Group was formed by an underwater volcanic eruption seven million years ago.
The Island is an irregularly crescent-shaped volcanic remnant located in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.

It is about 10 km long and between 0.3 and 2.0 km wide with an area of 14.55 km2, though just 3.98 km2 of that comprise the low-lying developed part of the island. More than 70% of the island is a permanent protected park reserve, and the surrounding ocean is protected as a Marine Park.

The Lord Howe Island Group - which comprises Lord Howe Island, Admiralty Islands, Mutton Bird Islands, Ball's Pyramid, and associated coral reefs and marine environments were inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1982. 
Prestamped postcard