Friday, June 21, 2024

GERMANY ~ St. Pauli Landing Bridges - Hamburg ~

... Lovely evening view of the St. Pauli Landing Bridges, Europe's largest floating island by the Elbe river....  once a landing pier for steam ships... now function as a connector for various lines of Hamburg's local train and ferry systems...  two prominent green-roofed towers mark the 205-metre-long terminal... with a must-see historic waterfront... you can visit the docked museum ships... restaurants, shops and more... the "Landungsbrücken Piers"  are one of the city's major tourist attractions... with matching stamp and great first day postmark👍... Thanks a lot Dustin!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The first pier here was built in 1839 at what was then the edge of the harbour as coal storage docks for steamships and, over the years, have served as the point of departure for travelers headed to the New World.The current piers built in 1907 consist of floating pontoons, which are accessible from land by ten movable bridges. The Landungsbrucken is the largest landings site in the Port of Hamburg.


(Issued 01-03-2024)

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