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GERMANY ~ The Basic Law - Braunschweig Regional Court ~

... At the instigation of Fritz Bauer (Jewish judge and Nazi prosecutor) the building of the Braunschweig Regional Court and former building of the Braunschweig Public Prosecutor's Office bears the complete sentence 1 of Article 1 of the Basic Law on its façade....the Basic Law was ratified in 1949 four years after the end of the Nazi tyranny and the modern German state was created... the creators decided that human dignity should be paramount in the new law... so that nothing like the Nazi era ever happens again in Germany... with nice stamp and great special postmark👍to marks the 75th anniversary of the German Basic Law... Thanks a lot Dustin!【ツ】

"Human dignity is inviolable. All authorities have a duty to protect it" 
as stated in Germany's Constitution
© Photo: KLaus Ebach

The Basic Law (Grundgesetz) contains the state’s duty to respect and protect human dignity. This means that not only the state itself is prohibited from disregarding human dignity. At the same time, the state must take precautions to prevent anyone’s dignity from being violated by private actors. The principle of human dignity therefore has an impact on civil law and can, for example, lead to the invalidity of a contract if it violates the dignity of one of the contracting parties.

Seventy-five years later, this constitutional “makeshift” can still be considered one of the most modern and successful constitutions around the globe. Even in times of authoritarian tides rising, the radiance of the German constitutional tradition and praxis is globally unbroken and has influenced the evolution of European constitutional development and beyond over the last decades.


The 75th Anniversary of the Basic Law

 (Issued 02-05-2024)

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

USA ~ Skagway - Alaska ~

... Great view of downtown Skagway with mountains behind... a place that offers an authentic glimpse of the Gold Rush era... tiny in size but big on preservation...... it is located on Native Alaskan land, that of the Tlingit people... today, visitors are transported back in time along the seven-block corridor that features historic false-front shops and restaurants, wooden sidewalks, locals in period costumes, and restored buildings, many of which are part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park... it is one of Alaska's most popular visitor attractions (mostly by cruise ships) and should not be missed... Thanks Ravindra!ツ

"This town relives the days when the Gold Rush blew through. A horse drawn hack highlights this scene."
Photo: Michael M. Anderson

In 1898, Skagway  also known as the "Gateway to the Klondike", and the nearby valley of Dyea were the starting place for more than 40,000 gold-rush stampeders who headed to the Yukon primarily by way of the Chilkoot Trail during the Klondike Gold Rush.

The Tlingit people name for the area was skagua, meaning "where the north wind blows." 


 Flowers - African Daisy
 (Issued 14-03-2022)

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CROATIA ~ Korčula - UNESCO tentative list ~

... Wonderful aerial island view... like most of Croatia, Korčula is known for its natural beauty... but it is also home to one of the best examples of a fortified medieval Old Town in the Mediterranean... with centuries-old stone buildings with coral-colored rooftops, narrow alleyways, delicious traditional restaurants, and charming shops... picture peaceful beaches nestled in rocky coves with the most crystal clear waters and a backdrop of mountains on the horizon of the Adriatic Sea.... densely covered with evergreen conifers and pines, olive groves and lush vineyards make Korčula one of Croatia’s greenest islands... Marco Polo, the legendary explorer, was said to have been born on the island...  Thanks a lot Andrene!(✿ ♥‿♥)
There are just over 1200 islands in Croatia, one of which is Korcula. Lying almost halfway between Split and Dubrovnik, the Island of Korcula is part of the South Dalmatia region. The island spreads over 279 km2 and  and on average 7.8 km wide and is the sixth largest island in the country.

The town of Korčula is on the UNESCO World Heritage sites tentative list since 2007.


Natural Wonders of Croatia 
(Issued 28-01-2020)

Friday, July 12, 2024

SPAIN ~Sant Miquel Chapel - Lillet - Catalonia ~

... Nice view of a Romanesque chapel... one of the few well preserved buildings of circular layout in Catalonia... linked to the large neighboring monastery... it is tiny and does not have any windows... in the inner part, you can only see an altar and a religious figure... (6.5 m in outer diameter and 4.7 m in interior)... it stands out for its austerity and regularity, only broken by the small apse and the entrance door... Thanks a lot Josep&Assumpta! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) 
La Pobla de Lillet village is located in the northeastern part of Berguedà at an altitude of 843 m, in a leafy valley at the foot of the Catllaràs mountain range.

Located about 150m from the Monastery of Santa Maria de Lillet, according to an inscription on the altar, the church was consecrated on 9 May 1000. This is also confirmed by a document signed by Antoni Barnola on 22 February 1791.Two restorations have been carried out: the first in 1935 and the second in 1980,  ​​in which the roof tiling was redone.


(Issued 27-03-2024)

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

BULGARIA ~ Boyana Church - Sofia - UNESCO ~

... Nice views of a medieval small Orthodox church located on the outskirts of Sofia facing the mountains... most famous for its medieval frescoes... hidden within the walls is one of the world’s most stunning collections of medieval works of art... 240 wonderful preserved frescoes, the oldest are nearly 1000 years old... its painter is still anonymous... these layers of frescoes, painted in the 11th, 13th and 16th centuries and medieval charm providing a window into the country’s artistic heritage... the church reopened for visitors after a decade-long restoration in 2006 and since then has become one of the most visited sights in the Bulgarian capital... Thanks a lot Mariyana!(✿◠‿◠) 

"1.St. Ephrem the Syrian- 2.Boyana Church- 3.Scenes from the life of St Nicholas- 4.Christ Disputing with the Theologians (detail)- 5.Portret of Desislava, frescoes, 1259"

The Boyana Church actually consists of three buildings. The architecture of the original church dates from the late 10th and early 11th centuries, while the current building also sees additions from the mid-13th century and mid-19th century. The park around the church was created in the early 20th century and is known for its giant sequoias.

In 1979 The Boyana church "St. Nicholas and St. Pantaleimon" was included in the world cultural heritage list of UNESCO.


The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Paisius of Hilender
(Issued 03-10-2022)

Monday, July 8, 2024

CANADA ~ Toronto - Ontario ~

...Great view with the CN Tower as the crown jewel of the Toronto skyline... with its distinctive needle shape and awe-inspiring height, it's hard to miss, no matter where you stand in the city... Toronto is undoubtedly the most renowned and largest city in Canada... mostly known for its iconic landmarks and stunning architecture, the city is also quite popular among art enthusiasts with several world-class art galleries and museums... it is the primary financial and commercial center of the country... and one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world... Thanks a lot Ravindra!ヽ(•‿•)ノ  

Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the capital of Ontario. The city of Toronto started off as York, the capital of Upper Canada in 1793. York was incorporated and renamed Toronto in 1834. Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America.

The name “Toronto” is derived from the Iroquoian word "tkaronto" which means "place where trees stand in the water."



(Issued 02-11-2023)

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TUNISIA ~ Douz ~

... Lovely illustrated map showing famous sights... and panoramic desert view of a small charming oasis city referred to as the "Gateway to the Sahara"... as you enter it, a captivating landscape of golden sand dunes stretches endlessly before you... Douz is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the desert, either by camel, motorcycle or four-wheel drive... this region offers an enthralling mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage... Thanks a lot Jamel!【ツ】 
Douz is a town located in central Tunisia. It is a major palm oasis and as such a large producer of "diglat noor" dates. 

Tunisia is located in North African and borders Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea.  It also shares maritime borders with Italy through the islands of Sicily, Sardinia  and Malta. Tunisia belongs to the Maghreb states - together with Algeria, Morocco and Libya. Of these it is the smallest country.


 2X Marine Biology in Tunisia 
(Issued 01-05-2021)

Thursday, July 4, 2024

ALBANIA ~ Valbona Valley National Park - UNESCO ~

... A stunning nature view... the country's largest National Park and one of the last untamed parts of Europe’s largest mountain range... this National Park is considered to be the hidden gem of Albanian Alps or known as "Albanian miracle of Alps"... this valley is home to a diverse ecosystem featuring glacial springs, unique rock formations, waterfalls, dense forests and a beautiful river... it is perfect for nature lovers seeking an off-beat hiking destination with some great hiking trails... the park holds also historical and cultural significance... Thanks a lot Sini! (✿◠‿◠)

Photo: Armando Baguca

The Valbona Valley National Park is a national park inside the Albanian Alps in northern Albania bordering Kosovo and Montegro.The Valbona Valley and its surrounding mountains were protected as Valbona Valley National Park in 1996. 

The name of the park, Valbona, derives from the same name of the river that flows through the valley.

The park is part of the transboundary UNESCO WHS Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe that is shared with 17 other countries.


Albanian Art - Drawings 
(Issued 27-12-2017)

Archaeology - Dyrrachium 
(Issued 05-12-2014)

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

BOTSWANA ~ Chobe National Park ~

... Wonderful postcard nr 2 of Chobe National Park💙... this National Park is a true wildlife paradise and one of the best national parks in Southern Africa... the perfect safari location, in terms of the scenery, the location, the accessibility, the animals, the lighting, the experience… Thanks a lot Alena!ヽ(•‿•)ノ 

The unique character of the Chobe National Park is found in its diverse terrain and eco-systems that change dramatically from one region to the next. From floodplains and swamps to woodlands; the Chobe Riverfront, Nogatsaa, Savuti and Linyanti each offer a unique African safari experience.

There are hundreds of species of animals living in Chobe National Park and over 500 species of bird call the park home.


(Issued 15-05-2014)

National flora
(Issued 22-12-2014)

The Diamond Industry
(Issued 23-06-2023)

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MEXICO ~ Cathedral Morelia - UNESCO ~

... Impressive view of the Baroque Morelia Cathedral right in the Historic Center... it dominates the city skyline with two 70 meters towering bell towers... it took over a century to build, starting in 1640 with the style of architecture that was popular at that time and ending in 1744 with a “more modern” style of architecture popular 100 years later... using the local pink limestone called cantera... one of the highlights in the cathedral is the huge organ with 4,600 pipes, the second biggest organ in Mexico... Morelia Cathedral looks especially beautiful when it’s all lit up at night... Thanks a lot Artoso! (•‿•)

Morelia is the capital of Michoacán and the biggest city in the state. 

Founded in 1541, and originally called Valladolid (after its namesake in Spain), it was renamed Morelia during the 19thC in honour of one its favourite revolutionary sons, José María Morelos. One of the cool things about Morelia is that it was built from the ground up by the Spanish colonists. However, it still has a huge indigenous and native influence due to the Purepecha and Tarasco people of Michoacan.

The entire city of Morelia was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1991.


2X Textile Art 
(Issued 13-10-2023)

Ancient Temples - Joint Issue with Guatemala 
(Issued 19-09-2023)

Friday, June 28, 2024

USA ~ Totem Bight State Historica Park - Ketchikan - Alaska ~

... Beautiful view of a historical park dedicated to the totem pole history in the area... for both the Native Americans and settlers in Ketchikan, totem poles were a huge part of the culture... there are at least 14 restored and re-carved totems as well as a colorful Clan House... they are intricately detailed and hand carved, and are quite breathtaking... visitors can stroll through the rainforest to view the totems and learn the history of the area through these "silent storytellers," created to pass down stories from generation to generation.... a peaceful sanctuary paying homage to the indigenous Tlingit and Haida peoples of Southeast Alaska... Thanks a lot Ravindra!【ツ】

Photo: Michael M. Anderson

Totem Bight State Historical Park is a 13 ha state park sheltered in a lush, temperate rainforest rich in Native history and art, beaches with waterfront views, and indigenous plants and animals.

With the growth of non-Native settlements in Southeast Alaska in the early 1900's, and the decline of a barter economy, Natives moved to communities where work was available. The villages and totem poles they left behind were soon overgrown by forests and eroded by weather. In 1938 the U.S. Forest Services began a program aimed at salvaging and reconstructing these large cedar monuments. By using Civilian Conservation Corps funds to hire skilled carvers from among the older Natives, two things took place: young artisans learned the art of carving totem poles, and totems which had been left to rot in the woods were either repaired or duplicated.



(Issued 22-01-2023)

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

BOTSWANA ~ Elephants - Chobe National Park ~

... First of two fantastic new African National Park postcards for my collection💚... known as "The Land of The Giants" the Park is most famous for its elephant population🐘...  today, it is home to over 50,000  elephants,  with individual herds numbering in the hundreds... and giants they are, since all the elephants here are Kalahari elephants, the biggest size of any elephant in the world... but Botswana today is caught in the middle of a dilemma... it is paying the price for its environmental success... as both human and elephant populations grow, so the struggle between them for land, food and, especially, water grows... and the conflict is growing fast😔 -Hamilton Wende- ...Thanks a lot Alena!!(✿◠‿◠)

Chobe National Park is the country’s first national park covering nearly 11 000 square kilometers, which makes it the third-largest park/game reserve in Botswana.The Chobe River forms the northern boundary and in the extreme southwest corner it borders onto Moremi Game Reserve.

The park is named after the majestic Chobe River that breathes life into the northern Kalahari desert.


World Post Day - Bridges of Botswana 
(Issued 09-10-2022)

Elephants in Botswana 
(Issued 14-03-2016)

Lions of the Chobe National Park 
(Issued 26-06-2014)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NETHERLANDS ~ Eise Eisinga Planetaruim - Franeker - UNESCO ~

... Wonderful view the oldest planetarium in the world... a work of art and incredible invention... this planetarium and museum is located in a small canal-house, where Eise Eisinga decided to build a working model of the solar system on his living room ceiling... it still works perfectly to this day for the six planets known at the time... what’s especially interesting is that he didn’t have any formal education in astronomy and was a completely self-taught amateur who managed to create an accurate moving model of the solar system... as you go up some very steep stairs to the next level you can see the mechanism he used to keep the planets in motion... Heel Erg Bedankt Marloes!ヽ(•‿•)ノ

The Planetarium lies in the Frisian town of Franeker. Eise Eisinga lived from 1744 to 1828. He was a wool comber and wool dyer, but was interested in astronomy and mathematics as a child.

He built it between the years 1774 and 1781 to show people that there would be no reason to panic when a conjunction of planets was due to occur on the 8th of May 1774. 

Apparently, people believed that the planets were going to collide with each other and cause the Earth to be pulled from its orbit and then incinerated by the sun.

Unfortunately two more planets (Uranus and Neptune) were discovered a few years after it was completed. But Eisinga couldn't install it anymore because the entire area of his living room ceiling was already occupied. 

In 2023, it received the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


EUROPA Stamp - Underwater Flora and Fauna 
(Issued 13-05-2024)

Monday, June 24, 2024

USA ~ Gateway Arch National Park - St Louis - Missouri ~

... Nice view of St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch... one of America’s best-known landmarks... both the arch and Gateway Arch National Park commemorate the early pioneers of America’s westward expansion... St. Louis itself is known as the Gateway to the West because it was a starting point for so much of that exploration... it stands 193 meters tall and is the tallest monument in the United States... there is a unique tram system to carry passengers to the observation room at the top with amazing views over the mighty Mississippi river... since its completion in the 1960’s, the Arch has been attracting thousands of visitors every year... Thanks Nanci!【ツ】

Gateway Arch National Park is located along the Mississippi River in St. Louis, near the Missouri and Illinois border. It is the smallest national park in the United States at 37 ha.

Gateway Arch National Park was formerly known as Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in honor of the late president’s role in expanding the country across the continent.The area surrounding the arch was redesignated as the Gateway Arch National Park in 2018.


 Flowers - Chrysanthemum
 (Issued 24-04-2020)

Friday, June 21, 2024

GERMANY ~ St. Pauli Landing Bridges - Hamburg ~

... Lovely evening view of the St. Pauli Landing Bridges, Europe's largest floating island by the Elbe river....  once a landing pier for steam ships... now function as a connector for various lines of Hamburg's local train and ferry systems...  two prominent green-roofed towers mark the 205-metre-long terminal... with a must-see historic waterfront... you can visit the docked museum ships... restaurants, shops and more... the "Landungsbrücken Piers"  are one of the city's major tourist attractions... with matching stamp and great first day postmark👍... Thanks a lot Dustin!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The first pier here was built in 1839 at what was then the edge of the harbour as coal storage docks for steamships and, over the years, have served as the point of departure for travelers headed to the New World.The current piers built in 1907 consist of floating pontoons, which are accessible from land by ten movable bridges. The Landungsbrucken is the largest landings site in the Port of Hamburg.


(Issued 01-03-2024)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

CANADA ~ VanDusen Botanical Garden - Vancouver ~

... A pretty path of blooming delphiniums with golden-leaved trees behind it... this garden is an island of green in the heart of the city... countless paths crisscross the garden, which contains over 7500 plant species assembled from six continents... you'll find different ecosystems from all over the world... in addition to water features throughout the rolling landscape, special features in the garden include carved totem poles... a small Japanese garden and large stone sculptures... children enjoy the maze adjacent to VanDusen's heirloom vegetable garden... with nice matching flower stamps🏵️... Thanks Ravindra! (•‿•)

The 22-hectare VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver has matured into a botanical garden of international stature since opening to the public in 1975.

The garden was named after local lumber worker and philanthropist Whitford Julian VanDusen.


3X Flowers - Wildflowers
(Issued 01-03-2024)

Monday, June 17, 2024

MEXICO ~ Underground Tunnels - Guanajuato ~

... Nice view of a unique network of tunnels that forms an underground labyrinth... with car lanes, bus stops, side walks and lots of staircases leading up to ground level... originally built to contain a river that ran through the town... after the river was diverted, the dry riverbed was paved and used as a road... more tunnels were built and now there is a maze of routes under the city... the streets of Guanajuato are narrow, cobble stoned, and mostly traffic free - making the tunnels perfect for traffic... Thanks Yesi!【ツ】

Although Guanajuato's famous tunnels appear to be ancient, most are less than 100 years old. The oldest was constructed in 1905 along the dried-up Rio Guanajuato riverbed. 

Guanajuato is a large city in the central highlands of Mexico and was founded as a town in 1554 and received the designation as a city in 1741. It is located in one of the richest silver mining areas of Mexico, and is well known for its wealth of fine colonial-era Spanish architecture. The historic town and adjacent mines are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Day of the Dead 

Combat Corona Campaign - Everyday Heroes - COVID-19 
(Issued 03-11-2020)

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

BHUTAN ~ Dochula Pass ~

... Lovely view of a scenic mountain pass located in the eastern Himalayas... it is a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking views of the huge Himalayan mountain range and surrounding valleys... you can see the Bhutanese Himalaya from a vantage point of 3100 meters.... this place is also known for its War Memorial made to honor the soldiers who perished in the Bhutanese War... these 108 Stupas are really impressive, and their setting is magical... it is a symbol of the country's commitment to peace and stability... Thanks a lot Som!【ツ】
Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. It is bordered by China and India. Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan.

 Bhutan is also called the land of the Thunder Dragon, a reference to its wild thunderstorms striking the valleys from the peaks of the Himalayas. The dazzling light of thunder was believed to be the fire from a dragon.


Flora and Fauna 
(Issued 15-05-2014)

Bhutan Ethnic Dancers
(Issued ???)

Monday, June 10, 2024

GERMANY ~ Speyer Cathedral - UNESCO ~

... Nice view of the world's largest surviving Romanesque church... it is one of the most important Romanesque monuments from the time of the Holy Roman Empire... a masterpiece of religious architecture and an impressive building... not just for its sheer size but because of the influence it has had on architecture in Europe... inside it holds a host of treasures, sculptures, frescoes and stained glass windows... plus some of the most important items are the tombs of emperors and kings as it was the burial place of the German emperors for almost 300 years.. Thanks a lot Sabine!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Speyer Cathedral, a basilica with four towers and two domes, was founded by Conrad II in 1030 and remodelled at the end of the 11th C.  However in 17th C, the Cathedral (along with the rest of Speyer town) was destroyed by French troops under Louis XIV. It was restored in 18th C only to be destroyed again in Napoleonic Wars in 19th C, after which it was temporarily even used as an army hospital. After all this, in 1815, it was rebuilt under King Ludwig I of Bavaria. In 1957, it was restored back to its original medieval glory.

In 1981, the cathedral was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Definitive - Flowers 
(Issued 08-06-2017)

EUROPA Stamps - Stories and Myths 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

IRAN ~ Golestan Palace - Teheran - UNESCO ~

.. Wonderful view of one the most famous halls at the Palace, "the Hall of Mirrors"... it is renowned for its mirror work, which is a reflection of Persian artistry and craftsmanship... the walls and ceilings of the hall are covered with small, intricately designed mirrors that create a stunning visual effect... the walls are also covered with stunning paintings, and the floors are made of marble that has been meticulously carved and polished... the doors and windows are decorated with elaborate designs and carvings... Golestan Palace is one of the most iconic landmarks of the country and a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the rich history and culture of Iran... Thanks Boris!【ツ】 

Located on the slopes of the mountains, at the foot of the magnificent Mount Damavand, Tehran has been Iran’s capital city for over 200 years.

The Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran's arg ("citadel"). It consists of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries. Almost all of this complex was built during the 131 years rule of the Qajar kings. These palaces were used for many occasions such as coronations and other important celebrations. It also consists of three main archives, including the photographic archive, the library of manuscripts, and the archive of documents.

Golestan Palace was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.



4X Herbal Plants
(Issued 2017)

Thursday, June 6, 2024

GERMANY ~ Wadden Sea National Park - UNESCO ~

... Sea bottom meets horizon... the Wadden Sea is for ten thousand years a landscape of wide beaches and wild lagoons constantly changed by the influences of ebb and flow, sea and wind... it is the habitat of thousands of animal and plant species and also a place of nourishment for millions of migrating birds... hiking on the mudflats has become a popular pastime... with nice EUROPA stamp and great first day postmark👍... Thanks a lot Dustin! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photo: Hans-Ulrich Rösner

The Wadden Sea is the world’s largest continuous area of intertidal sand and mud flats, extending for 650 km along the coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.The land that appears at low tide is called mudflat in English (and Watt in German).The Wadden Sea area became a national park in 2010.  

In 2009, the Dutch and German parts of the Wadden Sea were inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List and the Danish part was added in 2014.


EUROPA Stamps - Underwater Flora and Fauna
(Issued 02-05-2024)

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

ZAMBIA ~ Bushbuck - Kafue National Park ~

... Nice animal view... widespread across Zambia, the Bushbuck is considered to be the least social of the antelopes and has a very small home range... Bushbucks do indeed live up to their name, preferring dense bush or forest thickets that provide good cover... but as with so many animals, populations are declining due to poaching and habitat loss... however, they remain common in many parts of their range and are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful African antelopes... Thanks Alena!ヽ(•‿•)ノ  
From backside postcard: 
"We live on a beautiful planet, please do what you can to care and protect wildlife for your children's children."

The Bushbuck has a shoulder height of 90 cm and weighs 45 to 80 kg. It usually has white prints all over the body, particularly in the chin, ears, legs, tail, and neck. Its muzzle is also white in color. When a young male reaches 10 months old, it will grow horns that form a spiral over time.

Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks. It covers a massive 22,400 km2. First established as a National Park in the 1950’s by the legendary Norman Carr, Kafue is one of the largest national parks in the whole of Africa, home to 152 different species of mammals.


2X Birds
(Issued 02-05-2014)

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

SERBIA ~ Felix Romuliana - Gamzigrad - UNESCO ~

...Views of a beautiful archeological site... this fortified palace of Emperor Galerius represents the best preserved work of Roman architecture in the whole territory of Serbia... located in a valley, protected by the surrounding hills... the remains of the luxurious Imperial Roman Place offers you a glimpse of the once magnificent and truly authentic Roman palace... with impressive ruins and unique collection of archeological artefacts... in total, within the palace walls, there are the remains of 20 circular towers and two gates, thermal baths, memorial complex, a number of temples with mosaic floors (only a couple visible on the site), the best ones are in the local museum... with nice matching UNESCO stamp👍... Thanks a lot Vladimir!【ツ】 

Gamzigrad archaeological site is located south of the Danube river, near the city of Zaječar in Eastern Siberia. The main area covers 10 acres.

Roman Emperior Galerius Maximianus built this imperial palace on the land of Gamzigrad, near the  town Zajecar. This place has been built in the 3th and 4th century in name of himself and in honour of his mother Romuli, after who this place was named. Today, it is known that Galerius and his mother Romula were buried near Felix Romuliana palace, at “Magura” site, where archaeologists discovered two richly decorated masonry tombs and two mounds with bonfires where burning and apotheosis of the emperor and his mother took place.This imperial complex has been discovered in 1953.

In 2007, this site was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Definitive - Children's Online Safety
(Issued 07-2019)

AugustGamzigrad- Felix Romuliana
(Issued 21-09-2007)

European Nature Protection 
(Issued 20-07-2019)

Monday, June 3, 2024

BHUTAN ~ Layaps - Royal Highland Festival ~

... Lovely view of Layaps performing their traditional dance dressed in their local costumes.... they wear distinctive bamboo hats and robes made of yak hair cloth... the women of Laya respect their tradition, religion, and history over the centuries... this festival is held to promote and preserve the way of life and culture of these nomadic highland people living in Butanan's highest village... and it helps natives continue taking care of their rich and unspoiled mountain environment...  Bhutan's Royal Highland Festival is mix of music, dance and sport... Thanks Som! ヽ(ヅ)ノ    
Laya is a remote Himalayan village located in the district of Gasa. It is one of Bhutan’s most northern settlements very close to the Tibetan border, at an altitude of 3,850 metres, just below the Tsendagang peak. Gasa has some of the country's highest mountain peaks, with more than a hundred glacial lakes supplying many of Bhutan's rivers.

Most Layaps are semi-nomadic yak herders or collect the high-value cordyceps, a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of East Asia.


Atsara storytellers
(Issued 10-09-2015)