Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UK ~ South Downs National Park ~

... Beautiful green rolling countryside. with grazing sheeps... wide open spaces... England's newest and fifteenth national park... the third biggest NP... the park provides the setting for "the South Downs Way", a national trail for hikers, cyclists and horse riders and is the only National Trail that lies wholly within a national park.... Big Thanks Andrene for another fantastic new National Park!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Photo:Bob Crofford

The South Downs National Park became fully operational in April 2011. The park, covering an area of 1,627 square kilometres (628 sq mi) in southern England, stretches from Winchester to Eastbourne through the counties of Hampshire, West Sussex and East Sussex.

The national park covers the chalk hills of the South Downs (which on the English Channel coast form the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head) and a substantial part of a separate physiographic region, the western Weald, with its heavily wooded sandstone and clay hills and vales.

The Hampshire or Hampshire Down is a breed of sheep which originated around 1829. This sheeps are still an important part of the landscape today, helping to manage the beautiful chalk downland and maintaining fertility on the thin chalk soils of the area, as well as providing delicious local meat.


Universal Mail UK postage stamps
(October 2008)

Monday, February 20, 2017

ARMENIA ~ Geghard Monastery - UNESCO ~

... This will be my 4 breathtaking monastery view and once more a great new UNESCO site... Geghard Monastery is probably the most visited site in the country... set in a narrow gorge...Armenia has more than hundred Christian monasteries...  Thanks a lot Sini!!【ツ】
Photo: Levon Bakhshyan

Built up against a cliff face, the main cathedral was built in 1215. The monastery complex was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator at the site of a sacred spring inside a cave. The complex is carved into the side of the mountain. It consists of several churches, tombs, a defense wall and carved out crosses (khatckars).

Geghard means 'spear' and is reputed to have once contained the spear which pierced the side of Christ on the cross; the spear now lies in the treasury at Echmiadzin.


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Armenian Cross-Stones
(Issued 12-12-2014)

Friday, February 17, 2017

NAMIBIA ~ Desert sunset ~

....A  stunning pink and purple sky sunset over the dunes between Sesriem and Sossusvlei... a desolate landscape... these ghostly trees have been dead for centuries... when the Tsauchab River flooded many aeons ago, shallow pools were created... when the drought came, the pools dried up and the trees died with no water... Thanks so much Belinda!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Photo: © Mark Van Aardt

One of the oldest and largest deserts, the Namib stretches inland from the Atlantic Ocean, covering large swathes of Namibia and parts of Angola and South Africa. This arid hotspot surprisingly supports a diverse number of plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

The Sossusvlei belongs to the southern Namib with about 32.000 km², between the rivers Koichab and Kuiseb. The dunes in the more red color are the oldest dunes in Sossusvlei. These dunes are supposed to be among the highest of all around the globe. The highest is "Big Daddy" with 380m.


Birds - Coursers
(Issued 10-10-2015)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

ARMENIA ~ Tatev Monastery - UNESCO Tentative List ~

... Another fantastic view of  one of the countries many spectacular monasteries... a unique example of Armenian medieval architecture.... it is incredibly well-maintained and provides breathtaking views... situated in the biggest gorge of the country upon a clifftop overlooking a huge valley... still two more to come ヅ...Thanks so much Sini!!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Photo: Levon Bakhshyan

The monastery of Tatev is situated high on the side of the Vorotan gorge, at 850 metres deep. The monastic buildings are protected on two sides by precipitous ravines and on the other two sides by defensive walls. The buildings of Tatev itself date from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries and the monastery of Tatevi Anapat, on the bottom of the valley, dates to the seventeenth century. This area of the Vorotan Valley is of considerable geological interest.

Tatev Monastery consists of three churches (ST. Paul and Peter, ST. Gregory the Illuminator and ST. Mary), a library, dining hall, mausoleum as well as other administrative buildings.

The historic monastery is also accessible by  the world’s longest non-stop double track cable car. The ropeway “Wings of Tatev” is 5,752 m (18,871 ft). The tramway connects the village of Halizor with the medieval Tatev Monastery, offering a unforgettable journey across the Vorotan River Gorge.

In 1995, the monasteries of Tatev, Tatevi Anapat and their adjacent areas of the Vorotan Valley were added to the tentative list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Armenian Cross-Stones
(Issued 12-12-2014)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BELGIUM ~ Kortrijk beguinage - UNESCO ~

... Beautiful Unesco site of my own country... a well-preserved medieval part and unique piece of history in the heart of the city... with cobble-stoned alleys, small white houses and a great quiet atmosphere... an oasis of peace... Johan used nice old Belgian franc-denominated stamps ...Heel erg bedankt  Johan!!【ツ】

The Saint Elisabeth Beguinage dates back to the year 1238.The beguinage has been destroyed several times over the course of the centuries. It was given its current shape in the 17th century. It contains around 40 small houses as well as the Saint Matthews chapel (Sint-Mattheuskapel) (1464), the Saint Anna room  with its round stair tower, and the Grand Mistress's house, which has been converted into a museum.  In the Saint Anna room visitors find out exactly what a beguinage was through authentic heritage and modern media techniques.

The very last beguine in the world, Marcella Pattyn, resided at the Kortrijk beguinage from 1960 to 2005. She passed away in her sleep on 14 April 2013. She was 93 years old.

Kortrijk beguinage was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998.


(Issued 14-09-1963)

Christmas and New Year Stamp
(Issued 18-11-2000)

Charity Stamp
Issued 15-05-1999)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ARMENIA ~ Sanahin Monastery - UNESCO ~

...A charming looking monastery with moss covered roofs situated in a remote part of northern Armenia.... Sanahin monastery was one of the educational centres of Armenia.... Armenia is particularly rich in Christian monuments and  has been described as an "open-air museum of Christianity"... this small country in the Caucuses was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD... with nice Unesco stamp... Thanks a lot Sini!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Photo: Levon Bakhshyan

The monastery was built in the Lori Provence during the Byzantine era between the 10th and 13th centuries, along with nearby Haghpat Monastery. It served as an important centre of learning during medieval times. As a result, you can still find medieval libraries and secret hiding places for manuscripts in the complex.

The name Sanahin in Armenian means “older than that” evoking that it is older than the nearby Haghpat monastery.

The monastery represents an entire complex, which comprises the Church of Saint Astvatsatsin, the Church of All-Savior, the Chapel of Grigor, scriptorium, academy, the gavit of Saint Astvatsatsin Church, the gavit of All-Savior Church, the belfry, the sepulcher of Kyurikyans, the sepulcher of Zakaryans, the sepulcher of Arghutyan-Erkaynabazuks (Long-Armed), the Church of Saint Hakob, the spring and the refectory.

Carrying outstanding universal value to humanity the Monastery of Sanahin was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Armenian Cross-Stones
(Issued 12-12-2014)

Monday, February 13, 2017

CANADA ~ Rideau Canal - Ottawa - UNESCO ~

... Beautiful ❄winter scene❄... Ottawa is home to the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world, as designated by Guinness World Records... from roughly January to late February or early March, the scenic Rideau Canal freezes welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors for winter fun... so you could guess how cold it is in Canada during winter... and  I'm complaining when we have a few days of frost here o͜͡o ... I also never ice skated in my whole life... Thank you very much Andrene!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

The Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, Ontario, is 7.8 km long and has a total maintained surface area of 165, 621 m² , which is equivalent to 90 Olympic size skating rinks. This is called an ice rink (as distinguished from any number of other frozen bodies of water) because its entire length received daily maintenance such as sweeping and ice thickness checks.

The Rideau Canal also known as the Rideau Waterway, connects the city of Ottawa and Ontario on the Ottawa River to the city of Kingston, Ontario on Lake Ontario. The canal was opened in 1832 as a precaution in case of war with the United States and is still in use today, with most of its original structures intact.

Winterlude, the Capital’s winter celebration, is held in Ottawa–Gatineau each February. It was created in 1979 to celebrate Canada’s unique northern climate and culture.

 In 2007, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Postage paid flag stamp

Friday, February 10, 2017

GEORGIA ~ Upper Bal Svanati - UNESCO ~

... This region is considered as one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia.... dozens of 5000 meter peaks with huge glaciers tower over this mysterious land... preserved by its long isolation, the Upper Svaneti region of the Caucasus is an exceptional example of mountain scenery with medieval-type villages and tower-houses... there are a great number of places here for trekking and mountaineering... Thank you very much Sini!!【ツ】

From backside postcard:
The commune of Mulakhi (Mulahki combines several villages) lies in Upper Bal Svaneti. The Muzhali commune is frequently united with Mulakhi. Quite a few monuments of medieval Georgian architecture have survived in the villages of Mulakhi: 10th and 11thC curches and remains of a palace at Zhabeshi, and St. Barbara's church at Cholashi. The Lakhiri village of Mulakhi commune is distinguished for having a large number of beautiful towers.

Svaneti region is situated on the southern slopes of the Central Caucasus and made up of two parts; Upper and Lower Svaneti.

Upper Svaneti itself is subdivided into two regions by the Bal mountain range. The people of the Upper Bal have never known a ruler; they have a reputation as one of the proudest and most independent peoples in Georgia.

Upper Svaneti is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.


Cultural Heritage of Georgia
(Issued 22-12-2014)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

GEORGIA ~ Vardzia - UNESCO tentative list ~

...More nice cards sent by Sini who visited  last year several UNESCO WHS sites in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia... the ancient cave city is one of the most interesting monuments... a great tourist attraction if you love history and a bit of adventure... even today, you can see monks making their homes in this sprawling, 13-story cave complex... Thanks Sini!! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Vardzia  is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia on the Turkey Armenian border excavated from the slopes of the Erusheli Mountain. It is a multi-storied complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading to monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, dwelling houses.

The town was constructed in the 12th – 13th centuries during the rule of George III and his daughter of Tamara to protect the southern boundaries of Georgia.

Although this massive cave complex was originally constructed as a fortress, it later became a monastery, and an important spiritual center for Eastern European Christianity.

© Photo: Rainer Kaufmann


Cultural Heritage
(Issued 22-12-2014)

THAILAND ~King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) ~

...Lovely vintage portrait of a former King of Thailand... with ofcourse matching stamps...Thanks a lot Jobbo...it's always quite a challenge to find information about all the stamps on the postcard! (>‿♥)

Prajadhipok (8 November 1893 – 30 May 1941), also Rama VII, was the seventh monarch of Siam of the House of Chakri.

 He was the last absolute monarch and the first constitutional monarch of the country. His reign was a turbulent time for Siam due to political and social changes during the Revolution of 1932.

 He is to date the only Siamese monarch of the Chakri Dynasty to abdicate.

King Rama IX Definitive Stamp (10th Series)

King Prajadhipok
(Issued 30-05-2003)

The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of King Prajadhipok
(Issued 08-11-1993)

The 200th Anniversary of the Chakri Dynasty of Bangkok
(Issued 04-04-1982)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MALI ~ Dogon Country - UNESCO ~

... Wonderful African child postcard... what a lucky coincidenceヅ... my second surprise card of this amazing "rare" African country within a couple of days... this place is regarded today as the jewel of tourism in West Africa... a unique culture... the Dogon live in a mysterious world of symbols, signs, hieroglyphics, colors, and emblems...  Big Thanks Taouvik Boukari and Maick!! ➞ A Journey of Postcards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of the country.  Today, some 300,000 Dogon live along a roughly 200-kilometer long swath of land against the Badiagara Cliffs.

They are best known for their religious traditions, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and their architecture.

The past century has seen significant changes in the social organization, material culture and beliefs of the Dogon, partly because Dogon country is one of Mali's major tourist attractions.

Dogon country was inscribed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989.

ⒸMexichrome - Collection Djenebou


Timbuktu Manuscripts
(Issued 2015)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

BELGIUM ~ Walhain~

... First of two great Belgian postcards... both with the first newly released stamps of 2017... with special stamp cancellation... probably one of our sweetest stamps ever..."Hope springs eternal (youth)"... Thanks a lot Johan!!  (✿ ♥‿♥)➜ (http://johanpostcards.blogspot.be/)

Walhain  is a Walloon municipality located in the province of Walloon Brabant. It consists of the former municipalities of Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Martin, Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert and Walhain-Saint-Paul.

© Jean-Marie Vandeloise


Hope springs eternal (youth)
(Issued  30-01-2017)

BELGIUM ~ Guust Flater - Andre Franquin ~

....Postcard nr 2 is from a well-loved comic character "Guust Flater" or  "Gaston Lagaffe"... by artist Andre Franquin... celebrating  60 years of hilarious disasters with newly released stamps... a bit about  Guust "the Blunder" o͜͡o... he is using his office space and work hours to put together crazy inventions, practice weird hobbies, take care of his numerous annoying pets (cat, mouse, goldfish, hedgehog, seagull??)... flirt with the cute secretary Mademoiselle Jeanne... has a prank war with a local police officer... play his Gaffophone, a monstrous homemade musical instrument, and of course, just find 1001 creative ways to avoid doing his job... Thanks a lot Johan!!【ツ】
"By Franquin" © Marsu 1996 - Editions DALIX - France

Gaston is a gag-a-day comic strip created in 1957 by the Belgian cartoonist André Franquin in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou. The series focuses on the everyday life of Gaston Lagaffe. Gaston is very popular in large parts of Europe (especially in Belgium and France) and has been translated into over a dozen languages, but except for a few pages by Fantagraphics in the early 1990s (as Gomer Goof), there is no published English translation. Since the 1980s Gaston has appeared on a wide variety of merchandise.

André Franquin (3 January 1924 – 5 January 1997) was an influential Belgian comics artist, whose best known creations are Gaston and Marsupilami. He also produced the Spirou et Fantasio comic strip from 1947 to 1969, a period seen by many as the series' golden age.

Guust Flater- Gaston Lagaffe 60 years
(Issued 30-01-2017)

Monday, February 6, 2017

INDIA ~ Periyar National Park - UNESCO ~

...Great postcard nr2 from this Indian National Park... one of the "fun" things about collecting National Parks is that there are so many different kind of wonderful views of the same parkツ... Thanks Pdokt!!

The Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve is situated high in the ranges of the Western Ghats, in south Indian state of Kerala - known as the God's Own Country.. Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala has a scenic lake at the heart of the sanctuary. Formed with the building of a dam in 1895, this reservoir runs around the contours of the wooded hills, providing water to the local wildlife through out the year.

From Backside postcard:
The Nilgai is the largest Asian Antelope. It is one of the most commonly seen, wild mammals of central and northern India, often seen in farmland or scrub forest. The mature male appears ox-like and is also known as the blue bull. Nilgai are diurnal and tend to form single-sex herds outside of the breeding season. Herds are not of fixed composition, with individuals joining and rejoining through the year. Female herds typically contain three to six adults, together with their calves, whereas bulls form herds of two to 18 individuals.


Exotic Birds
(Issued 05-12-2016)

Zoological Survey of India
(Issued 03-12-2015)

Friday, February 3, 2017

MALAYSIA ~ Old Royal Palace - Kuala Lumpur ~

... Beautiful castle view situated at a specially laid out park, which features a great variety of exotic trees and flowers... it is considered to be one of the capital’s most remarkable sights... a place steeped in history and impressive architecture... Thanks once more Jobbo!! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

The Royal Museum (built in 1928)  is located in the old National Palace, or Istana Negara which, from 1957 until 2011, was the official residence of the King and Queen of Malaysia.

The old palace ceased to be the official residence on 15th November 2011 following completion of a new palace complex at Jalan Duta. The old Istana Negara has now been converted to a museum and is open to the public.

It stands on a 13 acre (50,000 m²) site, located on a commanding position on the slope of a hill of Bukit Petaling overlooking the Klang River, along Jalan Syed Putra.


Traditional Transportation
(Issued 18-08-2004)

The 50th Anniversary of Independence
(Issued 30-08-2007)

MALAYSIA ~ Cameron Highlands ~

... First of two great Malaysian postcards... a misty morning view at the Sungai Palas Tea Plantation... the most popular tea Centre in the Cameron Highlands... there is a museum providing information about the history of tea in Cameron, as well of the founders and present owners of the Boh Tea company...Thanks a lot Jobbo!!

The  Sungai Palas tea plantation is located  to the north of Brinchang, on the slopes of Gunung Brinchang, with 2032m the highest mountain in the Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang, which is located in the north-western corner of the state. It is made up of 3 main townships at different altitudes.

The highlands are named after William Cameron, a British expedition leader. He discovered the location during an expedition in 1885. From that moment onward the Cameron Highlands got increasingly interesting for the British. Because of the perfect climate it was very suitable for cultivating tea, and the Cameron Highlands soon grew out to be the biggest tea region of Malaysia.

Photo:© Dennis M. Allen


Folklore - Malay Folk Stories
(Isuued 27-1010-2015)-2014)

Stamp Week
(Issued 27-10-2015)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

THAILAND ~ King Bhumibol Adulyadej ~

... Lovely vintage postcard showing a parade scene of HM The King on the Royal Golden Chair Stage Progress... unfortunately I couldn't find more information about it... as usual with great matching royal stamps...I think Thailand must be the country with the most stamps depicting their royal family... Thanks a lot Jobbo!!【ツ】
One of the many quotes by HM the King:
"We need to inspire and give each other confidence so that the work we do will be fruitful for the well-being of the people and the stability and security of the country."


The 72nd Anniversary of the Birth of King Bhumibol Adulyadej
(Issued 10-09-1999)

The 50th Anniversary of King Bhumibol's Accession to Throne as Rama IX
(Issued 09-06-1996)

H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej
(Issued 10-10-2010)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MALI ~ Djinguereber Mosque - Timbuktu - UNESCO ~

... Happy mailbox day ㋡... one more fantastic new African country in my collection♥... Timbuktu is one of  the world’s most exotic and isolated destinations... a postcard showing probably the most impressive sight in the city...  an interesting thing to note about the The Djinguereber, is the fact that the historic mosque miraculously escaped being totally demolished by al-Qaida and Ansar Dine-led Islamic terrorists back in 2012 when they seized the town of Timbuktu burning thousands of ancient manuscripts and all the city’s mausoleums...

I got this great postcard thanks to Joseph and Assumpta who supported this amazing project https://www.postcardsfromtimbuktu.com/  to help unemployed tour guides in Mali make money... the radical Islamist occupation in 2012 and continued threats put a stop to tourism in northern Mali.

And how does you get your postcard???  I found this interesting article on BBC News:
Once you've paid up, the words you write are sent via Whatsapp to a writer in Timbuktu. The note is then delivered by the postman on his bike to Timbuktu's Post Office where it gets its all important stamp. Then it's sent back to Mali's capital Bamako, sometimes through a hitched ride on a UN flight down to the city. This is essential as it's only possible to send mail internationally from Bamako. "It's been really interesting for the former tour guides because they are used to interacting with people all over the world and although there are fewer tourists now, they can still be ambassadors for Timbuktu through this." The team have sent hundreds of postcards with interest surging. Phil says the current business model means the tour guides get about $6 after shipping, printing, the website platform costs and taxes are set aside. "So for a $10 postcard, they get a decent amount of money for what amounts to a few minutes' work really."

Thanks a million Josep and Assumpta for this wonderful surprise and supporting this project of which I never heard before!! (✿ ♥‿♥)➜ Letters and postcards from around

Most of Mali, in West Africa, lies in the Sahara. A landlocked country bordered by Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, and the Côte d'Ivoire. The only fertile area is in the south, where the Niger and Senegal rivers provide water for irrigation.

Timbuktu was a thriving center of scholarship instrumental to the spread of Islam in Africa.

The Djinguereber Mosque (Masjid)  is a famous learning center of Mali built in 1327. Its design is accredited to Abu Es Haq es Saheli who was paid 200 kg (40,000 mithqals) of gold by Musa I of Mali,

Djinguereber mosque, in common with most buildings in city-centre Timbuktu, is constructed in mud brick; more elegantly known as “earthen architecture”. It’s a method in which layer upon layer of wet soil (“banco” or adobe) is rendered on to limestone rocks or onto bricks made from banco. In other parts of Mali, where humidity rates are higher, straw is mixed in as binding. The method is durable but requires regular maintenance.

 This West African city was added to the World Heritage List in 1988,


 Fauna - Wild Cats
(Issued 11-01-2014)

Monday, January 30, 2017

ROMANIA ~ Rodna Mountains National Park - UNESCO ~

...Great new National Park to add to my collection... it is the largest protected area in northern Romania... the amazing scenery at the Rodna Mountains National Park is of great beauty that shows traces of glaciation, with specific glacial valleys, lakes, slopes, rapids, steep peaks and cascades arising at nearly 1,000 m elevation... a place for nature lovers and hikers... Thanks Julia!!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

The National Park is located  in the Rodna Mountains, a subdivision of the Eastern Carpathians.The park started as a natural reserve back in 1932, when Romania was taking first steps in environmental protection. The name comes from the nearby Rodna Veche village.

 Rodna Mountains National Park is the second largest national park in the country, with an area of 47.177 ha. The importance of this protected area geology and geomorphology is due to both mountains and the presence of numerous species of iconic mammals, like the mysterious lynx, the brown bear, rare birds and thousands of plant species.

In 1979 the area was declared a biosphere reserve within the framework of UNESCO’s "Man and the Biosphere" Programme.


Flowers and Clocks
(Issued 2106-2013)

Flora & Fauna - Ceahlau National Park
(Issued 01-09-2016)

Friday, January 27, 2017

MALTA ~ Gozo & Comino ~

... Wonderful views of probably the most beautiful Mediterranean islands Malta, Gozo and Comino... both of the islands culture and history go back hand in hand with Malta... these islands are famous for their diving sites, unspoiled beaches, pre-historic landmarks, and scenic beauty... Thanks a lot Chris!!【ツ】
Photo: © Kukuri

Malta is comprised of an archipelago of 6 islands situated south of Sicily and east of Tunisia. North of the mainland lies Comino and north of that Gozo. It gained independence from the UK in 1964.

Just 20 kilometres and 20 minutes ferry ride from mainland Malta’s port of Cirkewwa, Gozo remains an unspoilt land of farmers and fishermen. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago.

Comino was named after the plentiful cumin (flowering plant) that grows on the island. The entire island is classified as a wildlife sanctuary nowadays.


Europa Stamps - Think Green
(Issued 09-05-2016)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

UGANDA ~ Old Taxi Park - Kampala ~

... Great African surprise postcard...  one of the largest taxi parks in the world... it's the heart of the capital... if you like it packed and crowded this is the place to beツ... from here you can take a "matatu" to almost anywhere... amazing how travellers and drivers can still manage to find their way around...  Thanks a lot Deo and a special Big Thanks to Maick !!  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ➜(check his blog here: A Journey of Postcards)
Photo: Zulaika Birungi

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is spread over ten hills and derives its name from a kiganda expression "kasozi k'empala, "the hill of antelopes". The city  is located on the Northern shores of Lake Victoria at an altitude of 1,310 meters above sea level.

Old Taxi Park Kampala Uganda is a taxi stand. Over 3000 minibuses-taxis (known as Matatu) are squeezed in this old taxi park.

Birds  Kingsfisher
(Issued 09-10-1992)

Flowering Plants
(Issued 22-06-2005)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CANADA ~ Moraine Lake - Banff National Park - UNESCO~

... Breathtakingly beautiful place and one of the most photographed locations in all of Canada... its brilliant blue to emerald green colour is a result of light refracting off the “rock flour” (fine particles of rock) in the glacier run-off which flows into the lake... Moraine Lake is also a key area for grizzly bears in the National Park... it contains critical bear habitat where a concentration of female grizzlies live and raise their cubs... reading that you have sat on those rocks in the foreground makes the postcard even more special... must say I'm a bit jealous (◕‿-)... Thanks so much Glenn!! (♥‿♥)
Photo: Edward Ross Photography

In the fall of 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers stumbled across a cave containing hot springs on the eastern slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains. From that humble beginning was born Banff National Park, Canada's first national park and the world's third. Spanning 6,641 square kilometres (2,564 square miles) of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers.

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake  outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 6,183 feet (1,885 m). The ten mountain peaks behind the lake run along the Continental Divide, which marks the border of British Columbia and Alberta.

Banff is part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain World Heritage site.


Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster
(Issued 09-01-2017)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


...A fantastic new African island country to add to my collection ツ...plenty of great pictures of all the islands... it must be a pretty amazing holiday destination... I certainly wouldn't mind being somewhere warm like that at the moment... we had really freezing cold winter weather this last few weeks... according to Wikipedia, this place has on average 350 days of sunshine a year✹✹✹... Thanks a million Luk!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
© C. Schulz / V. Borschke 

Cape Verde is an island country stretching over an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean located 500 kilometres (350 miles) west of Senegal.

The islands are divided into two sections, the Barlavento (windward) islands and the Sotavento (leeward) islands. The Barlavento Islands are Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, and Boa Vista and the Sotavento Islands are Maio, Santiago, Fogo, and Brava.

Santiago is the largest Island, both in size and population and is home to the capital city, Praia.

Portuguese explorers discovered and colonized the previously uninhabited islands in the 15th century, the island gained its independence in 1975


United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization UN FAO 70th Anniversary
(Issued 2015)

Monday, January 23, 2017

GERMANY ~ Duke Anton Ulrich Museum - Das Mädchen mit dem Weinglas - Johannes Vermeer ~

...Beautiful painting of one of the leading art galleries in Northern Germany... the museum, as one of Europe's oldest museums of art, houses the fourth largest picture gallery of Old Masters in Germany, sculptures and artwork from the ancient world to the early modern age as well as a collection of prints... must be great to have such a wonderful museum in your hometown... with nice matching stamp and postmark...Thanks so much Dustin for another special unique item!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

The Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum (HAUM) is an art museum in the German city of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony and was founded in 1754.

The museum was closed for renovation in 2009 and was reopened on 23rd October 2016.

The Girl with the Wine Glass (Dame en twee heren) is a 1659-1660 painting by Johannes Vermeer. As many of Vermeer’s paintings, it is set in a closed room with only one window that provides the light to the room.

 Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) is one of the most representative painters of the Golden Age painting in Holland. Vermeer painted mostly domestic interior scenes. Almost all his paintings are apparently set in two smallish rooms in his house in Delft; they show the same furniture and decorations in various arrangements and they often portray the same people, mostly women.

Museumfoto: Michael Lindner


Treasures of German Museums - Paintings
(Issued 02-01-2017)

Friday, January 20, 2017


... Strange things can happen in postcard land  ʘ͜͡ʘ... sometimes you have a special place on your wishlist and thinking never ever to get one from there... and than unexpected you got two within a couple of weeks... this one is even better because it was stamped at "Hell Town's" tiny post office itself... Thanks a lot Roos!!【ツ】
© Ivan Farrington

Hell is a group of short, black, limestone formations in Grand Cayman located in West Bay, it is roughly the size of half a soccer field. Visitors are not permitted to walk on the limestone formations but viewing platforms are provided.

Regardless of how it first came to be called Hell, the name stuck and the area has become a tourist attraction, featuring a fire-engine red hell-themed post office from which you can send “postcards from hell”, and a gift shop with "Satan" Ivan Farrington passing out souvenirs while greeting people with phrases like ‘How the hell are you?’ and ‘Where the hell are you from?’


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