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SERBIA ~ Studenica Monastery - UNESCO ~

... Views of one of the most important, largest and richest Serbian Orthodox medieval monasteries... fantastic architecture and wonderful location in the middle of intact nature... a quiet and peaceful place... its highlight are undoubtedly its collection of 13th and 14th century Byzantine style frescoes... there are three churches in the complex and the main one is constructed of fine white marble... as with all monasteries in Serbia, these are buildings still in use and very much for the people.... it is a place of reflection and connection with a rich history... Thanks a lot Vladimir!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

Studenica Monastery is located in central Serbia, in the Raška region, which was the birthplace of the medieval Serbian state. This monastery was established in the late 12thC by the founder of the medieval Serbian state and the Nemanjić dynasty, Stefan Nemanja. Besides his, the graves of his wife Anastasia and his son, Stefan the First-Crowned, the first king of Serbia, are also located there.

Studenica Monastery is a huge complex including several churches, being the main one dedicated to the Presentation of the Holy Virgin, next to this one is another church dedicated to Saints Joachim and Anne, a small church dedicated to Saint Nicholas and the foundations of another church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. 

Studenica Monastery has been on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage since 1986.


The 75th Anniversary of the UNO 
(Issued 23-12020)

Serbian Sacral Architecture 
(Issued 15-04-2021)

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