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POLAND ~ Centennial Hall - Wroclaw - UNESCO ~

... Great view of one of the main landmarks and symbol of the city... a pearl of modernism located in a nice, green area near the zoo... with  the multimedia fountain next to it... when it was built it was the most impressive reinforced concrete structure in te world... and certainly a pioneering work of modern engineering and architecture... the dome is 42m high and 65m in diameter... after over hundred years, the Centennial Hall is still the most important place in Wroclaw hosting many cultural and sport events... while after the war the hall was renamed into People's hall (Hala Ludowa), today the original German name is used again... the only reason this beautiful building survived the war is that it served as an excellent orientation point for airstrikes... with nice selection stamps used.... thanks a lot Joanna!ヽ(•‿•)ノ 

Photo:Patryk Michalski

The Hall was built in 1911-1913 to the plans of Max Berg to commemorate the 100th anniversary of victory over Napoleon in the Liberation Wars of 1813-15.

Following the renovation in 2009–11, the arena can now hold 10,000 people. In 2014, the building received a $200,000 renovation grant from the Getty Foundation, as part of the Keeping It Modern grant program that was created a month earlier by the American foundation.

In 2006 UNESCO added it to the list of World Heritage buildings as one of the most important achievements of the twentieth century architecture.


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