Thursday, May 11, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Centaurea Cyanus Flower ~

... Beautiful Honey bee feeding on a cornflower... a new postcard from the "Flowers of Sri Lanka" series... these are also growing in my garden... in dutch they are called ❁korenbloem❁...  cornflowers depend on cross-pollination by bees to set seed... Big Thanks Ravindra!!(♥‿♥)

Cornflower is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the daisy family.  With around 450 species worldwide, a number are native to Europe and Asia. These can be hardy annuals, biennials, perennials, or sub-shrubs.

The name "cornflower" refers to the fact that this plant often grows in the fields of corn.

Cornflower produces flowers arranged in the flower heads on top of the flowering stem. Flower head is made of disk florets, located centrally, and ray, petal-like florets, on the periphery of the flower head. Flowers are available in various shades of blue, white, pink, red, purple and maroon color.


The 30th Anniversary of the  International Year of Shelter for the Homeless
(Issued 12-01-2017)

The 100th Anniversary of Ferguson High School
(Issued 27-03-201è)

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