Friday, April 19, 2024

FRENCH POLYNESIA ~ Taipivai Bay - Nuku Hiva - Marquesas Islands ~

... Fantastic postcard of one of the remotest places on the planet🌎... yet once again another paradise island🌞... showing the beautiful landscapes of the Bay of Taipivai... the majestic Taipivai Valley is considered as one of the finest in French Polynesia... the coastline of this part of the island is breathtaking... Nuku Hiva known as the Mystical Island is home to many rare and magnificent attractions... a black sand beach, the third tallest waterfall in the world, countless underwater caverns that shelter an impressive variety of flora and fauna... it is also widely regarded as the most beautiful of the Marquesas... Dear Glenn, I feel privileged that thanks to yours many postcards I have been able to travel a bit with you and see all these amazing exotic places😊... Thanks so much!乂❤‿❤乂

The Marquesas archipelago is one of the five island groups in French Polynesia and includes 12 islands, only 6 of which are permanently inhabited. They are the most remote islands from any continent. 

Nuku Hiva, located on the northwestern edge, is the largest of the Marquesas Islands and is Marquesas' principal island. Its rugged wooded terrain rises to Mount Tekao (1,185 metres) and is drained by small streams. There is no coastal plain or fringing coral reef.


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