Wednesday, February 8, 2023


... My first postcard from Montserrat a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean... a tiny pear-shaped island with an Irish heritage... home to pristine volcanic black sandy beaches, lush rainforests and unspoiled landscape... its top attraction is an active volcano... due to the volcano’s eruptions, the island is today half fertile and half uninhabitable... Montserrat island is an ideal destination for everyone who wants to experience the Caribbean the way it used to be... unspoiled by mass tourism... the postcard has two nice postmarks but unfortunately in a very light blue color...Thanks a lot Stanislav!【ツ】 

First inhabited by the Tainos c.500 BCE, Montserrat’s culture and history has been shaped throughout the years by various settlers and events.

On his second voyage in 1493 Christopher Columbus sighted the island and named it Montserrat after the famous monastery near Barcelona, Spain. Many of the first Europeans who settled on the island in 1632 were Irish Indentured servants, while the Africans came as slaves who worked plantations that produced mainly sugar, sea-island cotton and lime. The Africans left their customs and traditions which have been blended with some Irish customs.


Fauna - Birds of Montserrat
(Issued 01-04-2009)

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(Issued  13-06-1995)

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