Wednesday, September 21, 2022

St Maarten ~ Two nations as one Island ~

... Pretty views of a unique island because it has two names depending on which side you’re on... an island paradise split between the French and Dutch in 1648... it's a little European with a lot Caribbean flavour... the island has breathtaking shorelines, the prettiest beaches and bluest waters in the Caribbean... these hidden beaches and hills are perfect for hiking, biking, and kayaking to places of immense tropical beauty... one of the most well known tourist destinations of the Caribbean... St. Maarten is also one of the few ports able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships... Thanks a lot Eric! (✿◠‿◠)

Photos: Philippe Poux

Sint Maarten is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, occupying the southern half of the island of Saint Martin/St Maarten.

It is the smallest inhabited island divided between two countries. The border is almost imperceptible and people cross back and forth without ever realizing they are entering a new country. St. Martin, and St. Maarten, have coexisted peacefully for over 300 years.



Tourism Definitives 
(Issued 15-11-2011)

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