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Norway ~ Urnes Stave Church - UNESCO ~

.... Great view of Norway's oldest surviving example of medieval wooden architecture... a most highly-decorated stave church... located in a magnificent natural setting overlooking the fjord and mountains... the wooden church itself is very small...  outside, you'll see the typical high-rising turrets and sloped roofs... it brings together traces of Celtic art, Viking traditions and Romanesque spatial structures... it's one of the 28 remaining stave churches in the country... they are all unique and are Norway's most important contribution to world architecture... today, it is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.... Thanks a lot Tone!ツ  


Urnes Stave Church lies on the eastern shores of the Lusterfjord in Western Norway

The church was built on the site of two previous churches in around 1132 and stands in its original position. Between the 11th and 14thC about 1200 Stav-churches arose in Scandinavia.

A stave church is made of wood, and the construction is made out of poles ("staver" in Norwegian), hence the name.

Urnes Stave Church was added to the World Heritage List in 1979.

Foto: Teigens Fotoatelier
© Fortidsforeningen, Bergen, Norway


(Issued 05-06-2015)

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