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MALAWI ~ Nyala Antelope - Lengwe National Park ~

... Great new African National Park postcard💚... home of the very beautiful and shy Nyala antelope... the original reserve here was set aside to protect the most northerly surviving population of these species... estimated at more than 2000 individuals... the park is now a stronghold of this rare mammal... this little-visited national park although is lacking most of the big safari animals but the park has wonderful scenery... the waterholes are great places to spend some time bird watching with more than 330 species recorded and are a focal point for wildlife in the Dry season... Thanks a lot Emmanuel!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

Lengwe National Park located on the border with Mozambique. It was first set aside as a game reserve in 1928. It was subsequently designated a national park in 1970 and expanded to its current size of 887 km² in 1975.

Male and female Nyala are significantly different in their appearance to the point that some people identify them as different species. Males are significantly larger and are covered with charcoal grey fur with the lower legs, ears and foreheads being tan, they also have spiraling horns  A female Nyala looks very much like a deer. She does not have horns and has a reddish-brown coat, at least 10 white, vertical stripes along her sides, and a crest of dark hair that runs all the way down her back.


Fauna - The Big Five
(Issued 03-11-2011)

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