Tuesday, October 3, 2023

GERMANY ~ Lady Bavaria - Hall of Fame - Munich ~

.... An impressive 18m high statue the "Bronze Lady" with lion... in front of the Ruhmeshalle (Hall of fame), where the busts of famous Bavarians are collected... this massive statue is the personification of Bavaria and the first colossal statue of the modern period composed of bronze... a little-known fact is that it is possible to enter the statue and walk up the spiral staircase to the top... but not recommended to do by Dustin😉... it is very narrow and in summer it feels like an oven... with cute " Mainzelmännchen" stamp💙 and sweet first day postmark💙... six popular comedic cartoon characters used as mascots for German public service television broadcaster ZDF... Thanks a lot Dustin! (❀◦◡◦) 
This Statue of Bavaria was commissioned by King Ludwig I in 1837 to crown the Bavarian hall of fame. It was also designed to showcase the influence and culture of the then independent kingdom. The statue took 13 years to complete, with the project outliving the architect and the reign of the king.

The Hall of Fame is a memorial site on Theresienwiese. It was built between 1843 and 1853 by King Ludwig I of Bavaria by the architect Leo von Klenze King. The architect based the three-winged columned hall on ancient colossal altars.


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