Thursday, May 26, 2022

CANADA ~ Highland Games 1929 ~

... Lovely postcard from a vintage travel poster showing the Highland Games at the Banff Springs Hotel in 1929, by Greenwood (credit: Canadian Pacific Limited)... Thanks a lot Glenn!【ツ】Especially for sending them back in envelope... and I like your new return address stamp👍luckily you used it😉

Highland games are held all over Scotland, and descendants of Scottish immigrants have preserved the tradition in also  Canada.

Games held at the Banff Springs Hotel. This was a 3 day event at the end of August including Scottish concerts and special Scottish meals at the hotel as well as standard events. There was always a church service conducted in the open air at the Devil’s Cauldron conducted by Ralph Connor (Dr. C.W. Gordon). 

These were big events in all aspects. Pipers came from across the country and even a few from Scotland. So too with dancers, travelling long distance by train to attend these gatherings. Up to 8000 people flocked to the town of Banff and the Hotel to be a part of this festival, among the most highly acclaimed North American Highland Games in those years.

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