Thursday, March 1, 2018

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO ~ Tufted Coquette Hummingbird ~

... Wonderful view of one of the most unique creatures alive... the only bird that can hover indefinitely and fly backwards beating it's wings 70 to 80 beats per minute...  they are true acrobats... with 340 species of hummingbirds making them the second most diverse bird family... many tales are associated with the existence of hummingbirds... the Native American Indians believed this bird to be a symbol of luck, devotion, permanence, and the cycle of life... Thanks once more Sarah Lucess!! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Photo: Harold Diaz © Personal Effects

This resident of Trinidad is found at forest edges, in areas with scattered trees and in cultivated areas. The Tufted Coquette breeds in eastern Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana, and northern Brazil. It is an uncommon but widespread species, and appears to be a local or seasonal migrant, although its movements are not well understood.

The Tufted Coquette is 6.6 cm long and weighing 2.3 grams. The white to buffy rump band, identifies this species as a coquette. The tufts on the throat are the reason for the name "Tufted".


 Flowers definitive "1988"imprint
 (Issued originally 1983)

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