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GERMANY ~ Hercules Fountain - Water Management System of Augsburg - UNESCO ~

... Nice view of a historical landmark... the most beautiful bronze sculpture in Augsburg... this historic fountain is one of the elements of the triad of fountains standing on the main square in the city... the Hercules Fountain symbolize Augsburg’s pride in its wealth of water resources... however, due to environmental threats and vandalism the original bronze sculptor is now on display at the Maximillian Museum... with great new released Olympic Games stamp and special postmarkđź‘Ť... Thanks a lot Dustin!

Photo: Ulrich Findeisen

The Hercules fountain was made in 1597 by Adriaen de Vries and was installed at the current location 5 years later. The bronze sculpture shows Hercules killing the Hydra, a seven headed monster from Greek mythology. The naiads below the image of Hercules are believed to be the goddesses of time and fate. Underneath them are three boys with geese, a very popular design in The Middle Ages, and the busts of three men with sea shells.

The Water Management System of Augsburg has produced various technological innovations in the areas of waterways and drinking water supply.

The system consists of 22 different components, varying from hydroelectric power stations to fountains. It has its origins in the Middle Ages, when canals were built to bring water to the mills, tanneries, textile producers and goldsmiths. From 1545 there was a strict separation between drinking water and water for industry use. 

The Water Management System of Augsburg was added to the World Heritage list in July 2019.



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