Friday, April 12, 2013

NORWAY ~Northern Lights- The Struve Geodetic Arc-UNESCO~

..This must be my most beautiful UNESCO card ever received...a breathtaking view of a magical place...the most northern place of this earth... and as extra bonus with one of the natural wonders...
the Northern Lights. Thanks a million Joey!!!

I was thinking wouldn't it be great to have a postcard of each of this points...Just dreaming ^__^

Nice stamp: Modern architecture-Tourist stamp, Borgund
(Issued: 15-04-2011)

The meridian column on Fuglenes in Hammerfest is a modest monument to one of the biggest scientific tasks in the world: that of measuring the planet itself. It marks the start of a 2820 km arc that ends in the Black Sea.

Hammerfest is the northernmost town in the world and at that time the most northerly place in the world that scientists could reasonably travel to - and it marks the north end of the arc. It was here that Meridian Column was erected in 1854.

 In 2005, 34 of the triangulation points – the ones that are distinguished by a landmark – became protected and included as cultural memorials on the UNESCO world heritage list. This makes it the longest inscription on the WHS.


  1. Very nice postcard yes! Noorderlicht heb ik één keer gezien. Als kind. Was heel wonderlijk.

  2. Lucky you!!:D
    Ik ken het alleen van op TV of mijn postkaarten.Staat zeker op mijn verlanglijstje om ooit mee te maken, in't echt moet het toch iets magisch zijn...

  3. a great unesco postcard indeed!