Monday, April 15, 2013

NETHERLANDS ~From Vlieland with love~

...So "cute" seals postcard (NL-1810501) from my neighbouring country Holland!! Bedankt Maud!

 With stamp from the serie ‘Going Green' with as theme
 Europe gives green light.
Vlieland is one of the West Frisian Islands, lying in the Wadden Sea, in the northern Netherlands. It is the second island from the west in the chain, lying between Texel and Terschelling. Vlieland was named after the Vlie. The Vlie or Vliestroom is the seaway between the Dutch islands of Vlieland.
The majority of the landscape consists of sand dunes and the western part of the island is nicknamed "Sahara of the North".


  1. Ja...Zeehondjes hebben sowieso al een hoog "knuffelgehalte" met die trouwe ooggjes en mooie vacht. :D:D