Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UKRAINE ~ St Vladimir cathedral- Chersonesos ~

Great panoramic view of one of the many orthodox cathedrals of the country...(UA-571285)
Thanks Zhenia!!

Nice stamps too.

The monument to St. Andrew, the Apostle, along St. Vladimir cathedral at the site of Chersonesos Taurica, an ancient city near Sevastopol, current archaeological site in the Crimea.  Built in the spirit of the Byzantine architecture, it is distinguished for its exceptional harmony of sizes, proportionality of the scale and steadiness of the masses. During the World War II the building was bombed and almost distracted. At present it is reconstructed and renewed.

The Ukrainian government has included the site on its tentative World Heritage List. The site, however, is in danger of further urban invasion and coastal erosion.

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