Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RUSSIA ~The Virgin Komi Forests -UNESCO ~

From Russia a great new UNESCO site showing "the Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve"...normally I don't mind a bit of damage (shows the card has traveled)but I wonder who  nibbled on one corner... ^__^
Thanks a lot Darya!!

With nice matching WHS stamps:
(Issued 25-06-2003)
1. Shape Park
2.Stone Pillars on the Man-Pupuner Mountain
3.The Kozhim River
4.The Upper Pechora

The Komi Virgin Forests" is the first Russian natural site that has been inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995.

At 32.800km² it is the largest virgin forest in Europe. The territory consists of two protect areas, Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve and Yugyd Va National Park) that together make up the last European massif of primary forests, almost undisturbed by human activities.

This taiga area is the home of more than 40 mammal species, 204 bird species (including such Russian Red Data Book birds as erne and fish hawk) and 16 fish species, the most valuable of which are ice period relics Lake Char and Arctic gray ling.


  1. Wie zou dat gedaan hebben?

    Mooi kaart en interessante info!

  2. It's arrived! Though it looks like somebody wanted to eat it 0_0

  3. ...Maybe a little mouse???
    But more likely a machine because it is such a "huge" postcard.

    Het opzoeken van informatie over de postkaart is één van de leukste dingen aan mijn hobby! Heb zo al veel bijgeleerd en nieuwe dingen ontdekt.

  4. Yay, the postcard arrived! Thank you!!

    1. Great to hear! Thanks for letting me know!