Saturday, August 5, 2017

~ Kurdistan - Iraq - Citadel Erbil - UNESCO ~

... Once more a true little gem thanks to world traveller Davidシ...  Iraqi Kurdistan is one off the beaten track destination where only a few people dare to visit every year... the Citadel is Erbil’s most important landmark... a city with over 25.000 years of history... this area is currently the most prosperous and richest in Iraq with a recent economic boom in terms of infrastructure and human conditions.... couldn't find any information about the stamps... maybe someone can help? Thank you so much dear David for this amazing new place to my collection!!(✿ ♥‿♥)
➞ ( check out his amazing blog here: Postcards a world Travelogue )

Iraqi Kurdistan is a autonomous area in the Middle East region located in the north of Iraq. It borders Iran, Turkey, Syria and the rest of Iraq. Kurdish people have certain cultural differences vs the rest of Iraqis and Arabs, they have their own language and they even possess their own army.

Erbil is the capital of the region and an open and cosmopolitan city with a very strong culture. With a population of 1.5 million it is the largest city in Kurdistan. It is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with life in the city dating back to possibly 5000 BC or earlier.

Situated on the top of a tell in Iraqi Kurdistan and overlooking the city of Erbil, the Erbil Citadel constitutes a typical example of Ottoman-era urban-planning. In addition to its 19th century fortifications, the site also contains remains dating back to the Assyrian period.

In July 2014, Erbil Citadel was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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