Friday, August 4, 2017

POLAND ~ Słowiński National Park - UNESCO ~

... Great new National Park☝... amazing white sand dunes view of which I never would have thought it was in Poland... it looks like a desert... from woods through dunes to the sea... the greatest attraction of this National Park are the unique "moving sand dunes"... the only in Europe... they are regarded as a curiosity of nature... Thanks a lot Krystyna!!【ツ】

The Slowinski National Park, established on 1st January 1967, is located on the Baltic Sea coast, centrally between Leba and Rowy. The total area of the park is 18,618 hectares.

The park has been named after the Slowincy people (a native group of the Kaszuby region) who once inhabited the marshy zones in this part of Poland.

One of its greatest peculiarities are its large sand dunes which occupy a major portion of the park from the side of the sea. It is the largest area of wandering sands in Europe, having an area of around 500 hectares. This whole region is reminiscent of a sandy desert. Some of the dunes still continue to move in an easterly direction with speeds of up to 10m per year.

The specific natural and scientific values were the deciding factors to recognize the park by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve in 1977.


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