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JAPAN ~ Blakiston's Owl -Shiretoko National Park - UNESCO ~

... Beautiful view of one of the rarest breeding birds in Japan... and most endangered species in the owl family... it decreases in number mainly due to habitat loss... Blakistin's Fish-owls are losing the wood and the fish they need... Shiretoko National park is considered to be the last pristine wilderness remaining in the country...
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Shiretoko National Park was established in 1964 and is located on the northeast peninsula of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. One of the most remote regions in all of Japan, much of the peninsula is only accessible on foot or by boat. The word "Shiretoko" comes from an Ainu word "sir etok". It means "end of the Earth"

The salmon and trout that breed in the sea off Shiretoko are an important food resource supporting the terrestrial ecosystem with rare birds such as Blakiston's fish owl, Steller's sea eagle and the white-tailed sea eagle, as well as brown bears.

The Blakiston’s fish owl is a large eagle owl, with a wingspan that can reach up to two metres long. They can be find in Siberia, northeast China and the island of Hokkaido in Japan.This owl feeds primarily on fish, even larger ones. It also catches crustaceans, amphibians and birds such as grouses, and sometimes bats in flight.

 In 2005, Shiretoko was added to the list of world heritage sites for the irreplaceable value of the peninsula's ecosystem and biodiversity.


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