Wednesday, July 5, 2017

MOLDOVA ~ Struve Geodetic Arc - Rudy - UNESCO

... Great postcard of country nr6 showing the Struve Geodetic Arc in my collection... A significant monument to science... thinking this chain was accomplished 200 years ago is simply astonishing... with fantastic matching souvenir stamp sheet (issued  to mark 200 years since the establishment of the Struve Geodetic Arc).... Thanks a lot Katerina!!【ツ】

The Struve Geodetic Arc is located in the village Rudy, north of Moldova, this point was set up in 1847. A monument was built which has been inaugurated in June 2006.

“The Struve Geodetic Arc” is a chain of old triangulation points extending for 2,820 km on the territory of ten European countries and representing a unique monument of science and technology.

The arc which stretches from the Black Sea to the Arctic Ocean, was measured from 1816 - 1855 and has been used to determine the the size and shape of the Earth.

In 2005, the chain was added on the World Heritage List. There are 34 plaques or obelisks out of the original 265.

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