Tuesday, March 21, 2017

GERMANY ~ Jasmund National Park - Chalk Cliffs - UNESCO ~

... Beautiful view from the spectacular coastline of the Baltic holiday island of Rügen... the chalk-white cliffs, Kreidefelsen offering a panoramic view of the Baltic Sea and Germany's mainland coast... the highlights of the island's national park and visited by millions each year.... with luxurious seaside resorts... Bismarck, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Mann and Albert Einstein all vacationed here... Thanks Katja【ツ】
Photo: © Olafler-Fotolia

The chalk cliffs on Germany's largest island, Rügen Island rise 330 feet (100 meters) or more over the Baltic Sea. These ancient structures are made nearly entirely of the skeletons of calcite-covered plankton called coccolithophores, deposited by the trillions during the Cretaceous period. Sediments like these actually give the Cretaceous its name: Creta means "chalk" in Latin.

Jasmund National Park is a natural forest surrounded with White Chalk cliffs and sea beach. It is located on the Island of Rugen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The natural beauty of this park was listed into UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2011.

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