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ITALY ~ Trulli - Puglia - UNESCO ~

... Lovely, bit strange picturesque view... this town located in the hills of the province of Bari, in Puglia, is famous for its small distinctive mortarless round stone houses with conical roofs structures known as "Trulli".... ancient architectural wonders....they are still the traditional residences of the town... but many of them have been converted into guesthouses... to me they look look like little homes for elves ツ... it is also one of the least “touristy” regions of Italy... Thanks a lot Gian Luca!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿  ➜ (MY UNESCO WHS)

Alberobello ( literally "beautiful tree") is a small town  in the region of Puglia in southern Italy.  It has about 10,700 inhabitants and is famous for its unique architectural style of house called the trulli. You see them throughout the Itria Valley in Puglia, but the greatest concentration is in Alberobello.

The trulli  are dry mortarless stone huts built with conical tops. The white houses with conical roofs were built either as temporary shelters and storehouses or as permanent homes for the small groups of agricultural workers living in the town. The community thrived in the latter part of the 19th century because of its wine growing industry. The name cames for the latin word “Turris” and “Trulla” or from the Greek Byzantine word “Torullos” meaning dome.

Alberobello’s trulli became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.


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