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UK ~Studley Royal Park including the Ruins of Fountains Abbey - UNESCO ~

...Beautiful well maintained ruins in a wonderful setting... it looks a mystical and magical place.... they offer a window in to the way of life of the devout monks in Medieval time ... I've been very fortunate (and spoiled) by my dear postcard friend Andrene who has sent me so many fantastic postcards from her stay in the UK!! Thaaaaaanks so much  \_(♥‿♥)_/
"The Cistercian Order abbey, founded in 1132, seen from the south."

The magnificent  Abbey ruins are set in the Skell Valley in North Yorkshire. The abbey was named Fountains Abbey because of the springs of water that existed in the area.

Fountains Abbey was founded in 1132 by Benedictine monks from St Mary’s in York seeking to live a devout and simple lifestyle, who later became Cistercians. The abbey turned into the largest and wealthiest in England. It operated for over 400 years, until 1539, when Henry VIII ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The estate was sold by the Crown to a merchant, Sir Richard Gresham. It remained in private hands until the 1960s. The National Trust bought the estate from the West Riding County Council in 1983.

In 1986 the parkland in which the abbey is situated and the abbey was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  


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