Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BELGIUM ~Shrimp Fishermen on horseback - UNESCO ~

After an empty mailbox for over a week I got this wonderful surprise today...Belgium is the only place in the world that still holds this 500-year-old tradition of fishermen and horses working together to find our sea true delicious shrimps...with beautiful special cancellation...Big Thanks to postcard friend Johan!!❣◕ ‿ ◕❣
The shrimp fishing takes place at low tide, both in summer and in winter, for about two hours, one hour before and one hour after low water. The fishermen, clad in traditional southwester, bright yellow oilskins and rubber waders, climb into the saddle. A brief word of command, the lines between collar and net tighten and off they go. Breast deep in water, the horses advance at a steady pace, often side by side, dragging the nets up which scoop up both wanted and unwanted prey from the bottom. From time to time, the fishermen and his mount leave the water to empty the net and to put the contents into two wicker baskets fixed on each side of the horse.

Usually the horse is a robust stallion of the Brabant or Hainaut breed, for this work requires exceptional strength and powers of resistance.

In December 2013 UNESCO recognized shrimp fishing on horseback as intangible cultural heritage.


Shrimp Fisherman on horseback.
(Issued 29-06-2015)


  1. Wow, this is very interesting cultural information. I've never heard of this being fone before. both the stamp and the postcard are beautiful.

    1. Hello JarieLyn, thanks for dropping by and your nice comments... I think everyone who blogs hopes that there are a few people who like to come to see and read what I post here from time to time! ㋡