Friday, July 3, 2015

USA ~Five Cent Peace ~

Fantastic postcard showing the Native beauty of the American West...a bit different from the "touristy" postcards I normally collect but it was among my favorites for a loooong time and thanks to O'Neil I finally got it... Many thanks my friend!!

From backside postcard:
James Earle Fraser created the buffalo nickel. The final image was actually composed based on the likenesses of four of his favorite models; Iron Tail, Two Moons,Big Tree and Two Gun White Calf.

The American Bison (which people commonly refer to as a buffalo) is believed to have been Fraser’s take on “Black Diamond,” an American Bison which was featured at the New York Zoological Gardens.

"The Buffalo Nickel" was produced from 1913 to 1938.                    

1. Birds - Hummingbird
(Issued 07-02-2014)
2. Maine Coon Cat, Burmese Cat
(Issued 05-02-1998)
3. President Theodore Roosevelt Stamp
(Issued 19-09-1998)
4. Model T Ford classic
( Issued 03-02-1998)

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