Monday, June 29, 2015

VIETNAM ~Khải Định Tomb - Hue - UNESCO ~

View of the most majestic imperial tomb of the country... architecturally and historically...another great postcard sent by Benny, thanks!!!
The Tomb of Khải Định is located in Chau Chu mountain near Huế in Vietnam. It was built for the Nguyễn Emperor Khải Định and it took 11 years to complete,  from 1920 to 1931. The site is located on a steep hill.

The structure of the tomb is of concrete elements with cement, a blend of Western and Eastern architecture.

Compared to other emperor tombs in Hue, Khải Định Tomb is much smaller. At the entrance, one should climb a 37 steps gate with dragons as side walls. Some 30 steps further one arrives at the imperial audience court, with an octagonal steel monument, again made of reinforced concrete. On both sides of the courtyard, there are two rows of statues facing towards the center, together with other statues representing bodyguard soldiers. These statues are made of stone, not in concrete, which is rare in Khai Dinh Tomb.


Architecture - Landscape of Vietnam -One-pillar Pagoda
(Issued 16-01-2012 )
Architecture - Landscape of Vietnam - Bridge Pagoda
(Issued 16-01-2012)

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