Thursday, April 9, 2015

COMOROS ~Mayotte - Ylang-Ylang tree ~

Wonderful postcard from a new and totally unknown place for the bright green colors...Thanks a lot Rouwaïda for this fantastic surprise in my mailbox!!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁
Photo: Michel Forêt
Mayotte is part of the archipelago that makes up the Comoros Islands. It is s a French island in  East Africa in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique.

 The plant pictured here is Cananga odorata, commonly called Ylang-ylang. It's is a tall fast-growing tropical tree valued for its perfume. The essential oil derived from the flowers is used in aromatherapy.

Among the many beauty products that feature ylang-ylant are many French luxury fragrances, including Chanel No. 5 and its namesake perfume by Guerlain.

From 1 January 2012 with the full integration of Mayotte with France, the island has no longer postal autonomy and uses the stamps of France exclusively.
A stamp depicting France's cultural symbol Marianne.
(Issued 16-07-2013)


  1. What an exotic postcard! I've never heard of Mayonette before.

    I could almost smell the sweet scent of ylang ylang. The blooms should start opening up soon at this time of the year in my hometown. Both my grandma have ylang ylang trees and I love the scent every time I walk past these trees, specially in the evenings when the world becomes quiet and serene.

    1. Hi Maria, Thanks for your visit...It's so nice to read how a "simple" postcard can bring back such lovely memories...But now you made me curious were your hometown is??? :D

      Wish I could wandering through the trees and smell it myself...

  2. You have shared a postcard, it's really wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing


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