Thursday, April 2, 2015

USA ~ Hemingway Home and Museum - Key West

...It was not only sun, sand and beaches :D...Ben and Dorien also visited this great historical site... one of the most famous tourist attractions... Thaaaanks!!
Photo © Werner J. Bertsch

Backside card:
The Nobel Prize winning author resided here between the years of 1931 to 19by to 1940 with his second wife Pauline Pfeifer and their two sons Patrick and Gregory.The home was built in Spanish Colonial style of native rock hewn from the grounds, with furnishings, rugs, tile and  chandeliers brought by the Hemingways from Spain, Africa and Cuba. Guided tours will bring you closer to Ernest's life in the 1930's. A living memorial to the important American author, bullfight aficionado, big game hunter, deep-sea fisherman, world adventurer and cat lover.

Ernest Hemingway's most productive years were spent in Key West. And this is the place he did most of his writing.

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  1. Nice, nice card! Key West, a place I would love to visit some day.

    1. It's on my wishlist so many great places! :D