Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BRAZIL ~Amazon-Regional boat navigating at sunset ~

...Amazing view...unfortunately the Amazon rainforest is one of the most endangered places in the world.... a piece of the rainforest the size of two football fields disappears every second :(... Thanks a lot Silvia!!
PhotoⒸLeonide Principe
The Amazon River is located in South America. It runs through Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.The name comes from the Native American language and means "a raging torrent".

The Amazon is  the world’s largest river basin - and the source of 15-16% of all the water that flows into the sea from the world’s rivers.The length of the Amazon River is approximately 6400 km (4000 miles).During the wet season, the Amazon River can reach over 190 km (120 miles) in width.

The largest city along the Amazon River is Manaus, located in Brazil it is home to over 1.7 million people.
There are over 3000 known species of fish that live in the Amazon River, with more constantly being discovered.

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