Friday, November 15, 2013

VENEZUELA ~Margarita Island- Juan Griego ~

Today a postcard coming from South America...wonderful tropical second one from the island Margarita...according to the sender "Paradise on earth"...and for sure I believe it!! ^__^
Thanks a lot Enrique!!!

With greeat stamp:
Joint issue Iran (Pico Bolivar)
(Issued 16-11-2004)
Photo Christian Mondin
Margarita is a Venezuelan island (about 25 miles from the mainland) in the Caribbean Sea and is part of Nueva Esparta state. It's comprised of two islands connected in the middle by the mangrove-filled lagoon of La Restinga National Park.

Taguantar is a beach in Juan Griego a city on the northern side of the island and is the most northern port in Venezuela. It is one of the most important cities in Margarita and located right next to the sea and has a beautiful beach.


  1. Beautiful card. Love those colorful boats. And what a treat to get a card from an unusual location.

    1. I do love all my received cards but the ones from "far away" places are always a bit special! :D
      It took over 3 months to get here...