Thursday, May 9, 2013

SPAIN ~Las Palmas-Historic City - UNESCO (Tentative List) ~

Wonderful card nr 3...fascinating architecture...historic buildings...colorful painted houses... has a wonderful Mediterranean feel!! Thanks again Fabienne!!

Great stamps:
Traditional Sports and Games - Calva
(Issued 27-10-2008)
 Musical Instruments - Castanets
 (Issued 22-02-2013)

Founded in 1478, Las Palmas is the largest city and the capital of Gran Canaria. The majority of historic and cultural monuments are located in the oldest district of Las Palmas - Vegueta. Among maze of paved streets we find for example: the famous square Plaza de Santa Ana, the huge impressive cathedral Catedral de Santa Ana and a house, in which Christopher Columbus had been staying, and where today is the museum dedicated to him.

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  1. yes this is really a stunning view with all the colourful houses..!