Thursday, May 9, 2013

SPAIN ~Gran Canaria - Santa Lucia~ being a favorite holiday destination for Belgian people the island  is mostly  associated with the stereotype of sun,beach, sea and all-inclusive deals... not this amazing nature and unique landscape...
50% of the territory of the Canary islands are a protected natural area...
Thanks so much for card nr 2 Fabienne!!:)

With a set of great stamps:
-National Heritage 2005
(Issued 9-05-2005)
-Clothing - The Shawl
 (Issued 7-04-2004)
-stamp dedicated to the first  millennium of the kingdom of Grenade (26-02-2013)

Gran Canaria is located southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura. The island is of volcanic origin, mostly made of fissure vents.

 Santa Lucía de Tirajana is situated in the mountains and the valley area (south-east of the island Gran Canaria) that are mainly covered with greens and forests. This charming town is located on an altitude of 680 metres above sea level, on the area of wide crater of Caldera de Tirajana.

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