Monday, May 13, 2013

USA ~Missouri-Map ~

...This great map card came as an official (US-2207274) Thanks Deana!!

With nice Apple Postcard Stamp featuring the Granny Smith (Issued 17-01-2013)
and the common airmail stamp:
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Interesting facts about Missouri:
-It is the 24th state in the USA.
 Origin of the Name 'Missouri': Missouri was named for an Algonquin Indian word that means "river of the big canoes."
-It was also the birthplace of the 33rd President, Harry S. Truman.
-With capitol Jefferson City
-State Nickname: "The Show-Me State"
- Missouri became the first slave state to free its slaves.
-State with the second largest number of farms of any state. Some of the major crops are soybeans, corn and hay.
-State animal is the Mule
-State Bird: Bluebird
-State Tree: Flowering Dogwood
-State Flower: White Hawthorn
-State Musical Instrument: Fiddle
-State Folk Dance: Square Dance

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