Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CANADA ~ Kingston~

...Great official from Canada!! At first a bit confusing a Canadian postcard showing the British flag. ^__^
 (CA-327609) Thanks Ange!

Lots of nice, tiny stamps: Queen Elizabeth II (Issued 14-02013)
and animals stamps!

"His majesty approves the plan you have proposed for settling some of the Loyalists at Cataraqui and places adjacent" -George III, 12th June 1784.

Kingston became the first permanent authorized community west of the Ottawa river.
In the main, the United Empire Loyalists were those who had been settled in the thirteen colonies at the outbreak of the American Revolution, who remained loyal to and took up the Royal Standard, and who settled in what is now Canada at the end of the war.

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians through knowledge of the past, in particular the history of the United Empire Loyalists and their contribution to the development of Canada.