Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BELGIUM ~ Chocolate stamps ~

...Here is my newest ordered stamp sheet, Chocolate stamps...they have been launched by the Belgian Post to celebrate the country’s popular national delicacy.

The Belgian post office released 538,000 stamps  (Issued 25-03-2013) that have pictures of chocolate on the front but the essence of cacao oil in the glue at the back for taste and in the ink for smell.

The stamps come in five limited editions, showcasing images of chocolate in various forms: sprinkles, chocolate, Nutella, rough pieces and chocolate bars...

...I haven't  licked them, but I will let you all  know when I send my first choclate stamp!!:D:D
 ( read on the internet that they didn'y tasted a lot)...but they smell good!!

The value of  this special edition stamp is for sending mainly overseas mail (outside Europe)

‘It is not easy to get the scent and flavour of the dark chocolate right. In the end, people from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland all worked on it. ‘It is not the first scented stamp … but this time it has been combined with a flavour.


  1. Ik heb ze ook en al in gebruik. :) Heel voorzichtig aan een hoekje gelikt, maar eigenlijk niet veel smaak van gehad. Jammer dat ze niet voor België zelf zijn, met alle tam tam die er rond is gemaakt.

    (For the English readers, I don't think they have much flavour. Licked a little on a corner.)

  2. sweet! i guess flavour is kind of superfluous...but its a great idea nevertheless :))

  3. Weer zegels om in korte tijd veel geld binnen te halen bij Bpost !

  4. I've never heard about flavoured stamps!

    1. Thanks for visiting!
      If you like we can swap for written and stamped postcard??
      I will use one of the scent stamps ^__^