Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ICELAND ~Cliffs of Látrabjarg~

For me, Iceland is one the countries with the most spectacular nature...you better don't look down when you are afraid of heights standing on this cliff :D... and as being a "birdcolonie" I see only one puffin...
...But the view is just breathtaking!!

This is my first card from Manu who started a six months journey from Iceland to Cape town, crossing 20 countries...Looking forward to many great postcards!! Thanks a lot Manu! :D

Nice stamp: Icelandic Visual Arts II – The Pioneers (Day of issue: 03.11.2011)
Látrabjarg, in Iceland, marks the western-most part of Europe. The cliffs are home to millions of birds, including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills. It is vital for their survival as it hosts up to 40% of the world population for some species e.g. the Razorbill.
It is Europe's largest bird cliff, 14km long and up to 440m high.

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