Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sri Lanka ~Negombo Beach~

My first postcard mail this week...A -tropical-paradise-idyllic- beach view from Sri Lanka sent by Ravindra!!We do have the tropical temperatures today, +30°C, probably for just one day, the weather forecast for this evening are heavy thunderstorms ....
...but unfortunately not this stunning beach... Thanks a lot Ravindra!!

And again a variety of wonderful stamps!
Negombo is situated by the shores of a lagoon by the same name that once has been a trading port for Portugese and Dutch and is a traditional fishing town of Sri Lanka. Wide sandy beaches and the safe sea attract tourists to Negombo.
The town has several buildings that date back to the Dutch and Portuguese colonial era. The predominantly Catholic leanings of the town are evident in the number of churches and statues of saints that one stumbles upon here.

Negombo is a gourmet's delight with seafood available in plenty.
Old world fishing crafts such as the outrigger canoe and the catamaran are very popular here.

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