Friday, March 30, 2012


Thanks a lot Edna for this beautiful cover... And especially for the two great magnets included!!:D:D
Wonderful and so cute postmark!! First day Issue to celebrate the 40 birhtday of the classic picture book: "Das kleine ich bin Ich" or the story of "The Little I-Am-Me", about a little, brightly colored creature (plaid dress, long floppy ears) that doesn’t know just what it is. After inquiring of a whole menagerie of animals about its identity, the creature at least discovers: “I am me!.”

Mira Lobe ( September 17, 1913, in Görlitz, Silesia - February 6, 1995, in Vienna) was an Austrian writer of nearly 100 children's books.Many of them were illustrated by Susi Weigel.

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