Monday, April 2, 2012

RUSSIA ~Tyumen-Siberia~

Received a lovely panoramic nightview from a city located in the heart of Siberia (RU-8193559)...Thanks a lot Sandra!!But I must say the postcard looks much nicer than it shows on my blog...
Tyumen is situated in West Siberia, 2144 km from Moscow. Sometimes it is called the Dallas of Siberia. It is the administrative centre (the capital) of the Tyumen region and is rich in gas and oil. The climate is continental, with rapid changes of the weather.The city stands on the Tura River.
It is the oldest city of Siberia (founded in 1944). Tyumen is rich in cultural, historical, and architectural monuments. It doesn’t appear ancient of foreboding. It doesn’t look like a museum but on the contrary it is a young vivacious city that is modern and overwhelming with energy.
Stretching from the Arctic Ocean coasts to the steppes of Kazakhstan, the territory of the Tyumen region is the largest in the Russian Federation.

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