Thursday, March 29, 2012

PALAU ~Sharks~

...Okay!! I know I repait myself but once again I received a new "dream location"... Found this on the internet: Palau offers you the world's most beautiful tropical paradise. Famous for its diving, Palau is rated as one of the world's best diving destinations by scuba aficionados...Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine...I never been snorkeling or scuba diving but I'm always fascinated by the "underwater" world!! Thanks a million Rod!!:D:D
With a set of gorgeous animals stamps!!
Palau is the western most cluster of the six major island groups that make up the Caroline Islands, lies 1000km (600 miles) east of the Philippines. It is an island nation comprised of 16 states and is located in Oceania. Palau's capital is Koror.


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