Monday, January 17, 2011


Received an impressive cathedral, at first I thought it is was a castle... But this building seems to have a bit of both!

Great stamp of a serie "Theatre in Portugal" starting with some of its greatest representatives from the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period: Gil Vicente (Auto da Barca do Inferno), Sá de Miranda (a Renaissance artist), António Ferreira, Luís de Camões, D. Francisco Manuel de Melo and António José da Silva.

The mediaeval Cathedral da Guarda is the main attraction of the city of Guarda, in Northeastern Portugal. Its construction took from 1390 until the mid 16th century, combining Gothic and Manueline styles.


  1. This is a card from my city. That cathedral is wonderful, i love it.

  2. It must be great to live in such amazing place...