Monday, January 17, 2011

UKRAINE ~kiev-T.G.Shevchenko National Opera~

My second card today is a wonderful nightview and comes from Ukraine.
After reading this I would love to go there for a performance in the theatre:
"Almost every day the theater opens its doors to spectators. Once the theater curtain rises, you start to be a part of the magical world created by talent and inspiration of the performers, composer, conductor, and artist."
I was wondering...have you ever been there Alex? THANKS A LOT!!

Lovely stamps too...

The Shevchenko National Opera-House - one of the most famous opera and ballet scenes in Europe. The building was built in 1901 to the design of architect V. Schreter in style of French Renaissance on the place burned down in 1896, the Municipal Theatre. It bears the name of T. Shevchenko from 1939.
On 15th of September 1901 the season of the Kiev Opera in the new building has opened. It has a multistage hall of 1628 places and the foyer is decorated with ornamental paintings.


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  2. Hi Fly,
    Thanks for the great information! Hope to visit Kiev someday...