Wednesday, October 10, 2018

SPAIN ~ Besalú - Catalonia ~

... Stunning view of a Medieval Gem in the Heart of Catalonia... and one of the best preserved Medieval towns in Spain... the picturesque town centre is a compact huddle of restored historic stone houses, small squares with narrow cobbled and flagstone streets... a step back in time... surrounded by lush green... the most famous landmark is its impressive 12thC multi-arched Romanesque bridge over the river Fluviá... Thanks a lot dear Joseph & Assumpta!! (✿ ♥‿♥)
Besalú is located in Girona, Catalonia and was an important town in Roman times; when the Moors were expelled from this corner of Spain in the 9thC it was one of the first independent counties that arose. The town prospered, as it had done in Romans times and remained a place of importance well into the 14thC.

Important monuments include the Mikva, a twelfth-century Jewish bathhouse, the Romanesque church of Santa Vicenç (1018) and the ruins of Romanesque Santa María.The 11thC Hospital, the late 12thC monastery of San Pedro and the church and monsatery of Sant Pere.

The name Besalú is derived from the Latin Bisuldunum, meaning a fort on a mountain between two rivers.


The 250th Anniversary of the Circus
(Issued 09-02-2018)

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