Tuesday, June 5, 2018

ITALY ~ Ancona ~

... Next two lovely postcards are from "La Bella Italia"... this beautiful city is a historic port situated on top of a cliff and has some fantastic squares... historical monuments and museums... plus a host of fine restaurants and bars... a favourite spot on the cruise trail.... from its port every year, about one million travelers sail to Greece and Croatia... with nice view of The Arch of Trajan  a reference point for sailors or centuries... today it dominates the harbour entrance and it is a shining testimony of the thousand-year history of Ancona...  Big Thanks Glenn!! (✿ ♥‿♥)
Photo: Otello

The city of Ancona was founded by settlers from Syracuse (Greece) around 380 BC and like much of the region has been destroyed, rebuilt, and resettled countless times through the centuries. The city is the capital of the Province of Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy facing the Adriatic Sea.

The name of the town means its geographical position: Αγκων, in Greek means “elbow”, and this is what the Greek people called it when they settled in the area.

The Arch of Trajan is a Roman work erected in 116 AD in honour of the emperor who enlarged the port of Ancona at his own expenses and who built the pier for the protection of the city. It is  made from Turkish Marble and the arch is 18.5m high and the archway is 3m wide.


Red Coral of Alghero
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