Friday, June 1, 2018

FRANCE ~ Hôtel national des Invalides - Paris ~

.... Paris beauty nr 2... the largest museum of military history in France... a gem for historic lovers... with interesting exhibitions about the French Revolution, both world wars, clothing and weapons, warfare and strange gadgets from days long past... but Les Invalides is most famous for holding the Tomb of Napoleon...Thanks once more Dustin!!
Photo: P. SIMARD
The Hôtel des Ivalides was commissioned in 1670 by Louis XIV as a hospital and home for retired veterans, the hospital grew into an entire complex, which continues to serve its original purpose today along with housing several museums and monuments open to visitors, including the Paris Army Museum.

In 1815, after Napoleon's abdication, over 5,000 survivors of the Great Army were listed there. Napoleon inspected the place and visited his men in 1808, 1813 and 1815. The chapel of the Invalides was built at the end of the 17thC by Jules-Hardouin Mansart.


Sosthéne Mortenol, 1859-1930
(Issued 13-04-2018)

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